Compilation of all the bonuses from £50 deposit on Inspector Gadget + Top Cat!
20p stake per spin!
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  1. Hiya moody don't like top cat but inspector gadget seems a better game love your concept on videos soon be on 2 thousand subs 👍 can't believe how big you have grown in a short period of time the only way is up 👍👍

  2. Enjoyed this one Mr Moody; Inspector Gadget is a million times better than Top Crap for sure. The in-game bonuses on Gadget can pay a fortune – the random Penny wild reels is the best, I picked up a few hundred off one of those. But the actual bonus is a bitch to land and the 'that's not nice' voice will have you shouting back in fury! Great vid & congrats on racking up the new subs at high speed.

  3. I just lost £200 on King Kong cash..can't complain tho as I won £1700 on bonanza Sunday.£10 stake tho but still decent

  4. Quote of the video "That's a nice 40p" and the Craig Slots prize for poor pronunciation is for "Maharajah" lol. You know what you are getting with Blue Print to be fair, low variance and terrible max wins. They can go off but you will deffo have gone insane by then, having listened to Gadget say "wowsers" for the 8 billionth time!

  5. Trouble is with these type games is I find the bonuses pay out very little, although I have had 1000x on 60p from the top bonus on Gadget. Never really had anything massive from Topcat!. Was a good watch though, just a shame about the result!.👍

  6. Thanks for playing those games I said I liked them for the fun factor more than the profit,was enjoyable to watch especially inspector gadget.

  7. Great video mate watched it all I did think from playing both games before top cat would win ha great last bonus on gadget well done

  8. Them random features pay better than the actual bonuses 😂 thanks for playing these one so I know not to mate 👍 very entertaining thou great vid 😉

  9. More potential in the base game features!! Im undecided weather the high potential base games are wroth it! 90% of the time It bums out in the bonus

  10. I play these type of slots not necessarily for profit but u get alot of game time and play I do 40p , 60p but can give a nice hit on them stakes good video thou 👍

  11. Agh shame about that last bonus. It’s good to see every bonus tho so I know which ones not to chose 💪 cheers mate 🙃


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