Intellivision Amico™ – Night Stalker® 1st look gameplay demo!


Designed originally by Steve Montero and released in 1982 , the original Night Stalker game on Intellivision was one of the most popular and biggest selling games for the original system. So much so that it was ported to other consoles including the Atari 2600 (aka Dark Cavern) as well as the Apple II & IBM PC (1983).

Our Amico Retro Re-imagined version is being done by the incredibly talented and award winning developers at Other Ocean & Digital Eclipse while personally be programmed by retro legend and historian Mike Mika. Aside from single player, you can play with up to 4 players. Including Co-Op (as seen in this video) or Versus modes.

Although Amico’s broader appeal will cater to families and casual gamers, we also have games to be enjoyed by more serious gamers who are looking to enjoy the challenges of couch co-op and in person versus modes at a little higher level. Night Stalker is such a game.

Please note: This is only a small unfinished sampling of what the game will ultimately be like. Many more surprises on the way! This was recorded and played directly from the Intellivision Amico system.

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  1. ok pay $1000.00 plus for a new name ps5 or the xbox with a new controller and 6 games with the same games upgraded or be smart and just play those games on ps4 or the xbox that you have and don't buy the new one for more money,
    the amico is something new with all new games and old classics all redone new graphics. and young people like me never played those games and now will, plus it comes with 2 controllers and 6-7 or maybe 8 games with it at$249.00 or $279.00 with the other colors and games at $3-$10 are whatever even higher with better games i hope lol…but it's time for a change.

  2. Wow, my first video game ever, back in '89 if I not mistaken.. Now 31 years after, its my #1 core game. It made me what I am now a true gamer👍

  3. So how much is the console going to be? Im too lazy to do the three clicks to find out myself but not lazy enough to type all this nonsense.

  4. When I first saw the video I instantly started thinking, what’s the point, you could do this on a toaster, but I’m glad I didn’t click off the video. That’s awesome. I mean it would make more sense to sell the games as apps on a phone but whatever still cool.

  5. Is there a way in-game to turn off the waviness somehow? The game looks fun, but for some reason the waviness of the graphics are giving me a headache.

  6. I don't know what you guys are talking about! Night Stalker was not "arcady". It was a tense game of cat-and-mouse with limited ammo – the OG survival horror game – and they're turning it into diarrhea Christmas lights and running around shooting at random. They replaced the tense beating of your heart with rave music. This doesn't even seem like a game that would be called "Night Stalker". I don't want to be "that guy", but I can't believe anybody in this comment section has played the original.

  7. Love the new look of this old classic. It was the first game I ever finished. I rember keeping the consol on for almost 1 week or so, as you could not save … I am really looking forward to the Amico. If they also bring Cloudy Mountain back I it will become a success.

  8. Love the ominous bunker style music and effects.
    Give me a menacing look to the Shark
    On Shark Shark and I'll be in my glory.
    Use to get do freaked out as a kid playing jaws on NES when he suddenly swam into view.

  9. This looks great. I love the original version. I will be great if you also make new versions of Utopia, Boom Squad, B 17 Bomber, Snafu and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Those were also great games of the original console.

  10. I will buy it just because of the Utopia game, because I love it !! Is it guaranteed that it will bring Utopia between its games?

  11. Now if their plan is to take every game that intellivision owns and do that to it I'm definitely getting one cuz I could just imagine the game Burger time I'll pray that like this game was. I will totally flip out burger X my favorite game of all times.

  12. All of the games should be remade..and get licences for donkey kong and DKJ.. imagine them redone would be cool. Lady bug , mouse trap all of the games… and mr. Do . .get the licences and make it to today's times…would be awesome…

  13. I think people miss the arcade experience and of playing with others since everything has gone to online gaming etc. Hopefully this brings some of that back into peoples lives.

  14. Tommy I love the New Intellivision Amico, I did the preorder already. I have a few questions.

    1. How far can the controllers be from the console when playing games.

    2. How long does the controller battery life last before it needs a charge.

    I can’t wait to see all the Sport games. Here’s a game from the arcade that would be great to have on the Amico system – Crazy climber by Taito.
    What about Casino games.

  15. Nice to see some people still looking back to the roots of video gaming. Certainly looks like the machine's got potential. Cant' wait to see more.


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