Kagero: Deception II Gameplay Part 1 Chapter 1-11 (PlayStation)


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Kagero: Deception II Gameplay Chapter 1-11 (PlayStation,PSX,PS1)

CHAPTER 1 An innocent Girl 06:02
CHAPTER 2 Castle of Doom 11:27
CHAPTER 3 Pursuit of Friends 16:08
CHAPTER 4 Tangled Thoughts 22:23
CHAPTER 5 Vengeance 34:44
CHAPTER 6 Castle of Illusion 48:06
CHAPTER 7 Countdown to Ruin 1:02:37
CHAPTER 8 Loyal Soldiers 1:09:04
CHAPTER 9 Ignorant Greed 1:16:13
CHAPTER 10 Darkness Falls 1:32:09
CHAPTER 11 Corruption 1:48:58

The Deception games are a series of console Action-Style strategy-RPGs created and published by Tecmo for Sony’s line of PlayStation consoles. They have an emphasis on passive combat via the use of traps. Kagero: Deception II (Kagero: Kokumeikan Shinsho 影牢~刻命館真章~ in Japan) released on July 23, 1998.

Player: MfaRec
Platform: PlayStation
Release Date: July 23, 1998

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  1. Unlike the original game, this sequel already was made by Faex Mundi to indoctrinate their legions of corpseform deadbrain genetic freak-a-zoids into killing the ECHTMENSCHEN humans.

  2. I remember I played a similar game but it was on the PS1 however I was very very very young so the name eludes me, it looks and structured similar to this game but i do remember the game starts out with a tutorial where you play as a woman in a prison, which includes 2 parts

  3. Yea, not too long ago I played the newest Deception.
    The newest one is fun in it's own right, but I kinda wish they move back to the dark atmosphere etc, if they ever make a new one.
    Also, the newest one focus way too much on completing mission challenges. You can complete missions without the challenges alright. But in the end you won't be able to continue to new missions if you avoid them, so you're kinda forced to do them in the end anyway. Idk, I just wish they focused more on the whole surviving enemies aspect. However, I like that you can create your own enemies in the new one. But then again, the enemy AI is way too easy. Enemies only got 2-3 attacks, they're easy to trick over and over, bosses don't reply back with trap combos etc. I mean, if you play as Laegrinna you're basically unbeatable considering that she can auto-dodge enemy attacks. Then again, getting combos and such in the new one is still fun. It's not a complete failure, just need some improvements.

  4. I’m not impressed by the way you played the game. I was able to complete every level without any damage, and I almost using all build in trap in every room to gain higher Arc. Anyway, thank you for bringing back my memories about this game. This was my favorite game during my childhood.

  5. Loko , este jogo eu zerei ele no mínimo umas 20 vezes passei minha infância jogando isso e recentemente lembrei dele muito massa

  6. este video juego lo jugue pero no recuerdo hasta que capitulo llegue o cual historia alternativa por que fue hace muchos anos

  7. i remember this playing on a place called Hobby's Play where you can rent a ps1 and play any games you like.. its like an internet cafe but only PS1..

  8. https://youtu.be/XIk0z9fsv5E?t=3775
    "I've spent all my time looking for you just so I could tell you to come to find me now!" 😂

  9. the strategy and gameplay set of the game is different ever created. pls someone create an android ios version of this. bery inuque and tactical

  10. I never could really bring myself to finish any of the games in this series. Just ends up feeling like it's constantly pushing you from chapter to chapter to the end. A bit too linear was the problem I had with the games I guess. But this being before the sandbox era and the Japanese never really embracing it. It makes sense.


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