Kagero: Deception II Gameplay Part 2 Chapter 12-21 (PlayStation)


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Kagero: Deception II Gameplay Chapter 12-21 (PlayStation,PSX,PS1)

CHAPTER 12 Fading Souls 2:47
CHAPTER 13 Lingering Thoughts 11:45
CHAPTER 14 Small Sacrifice 26:14
CHAPTER 15 Brave Promise 39:58
CHAPTER 16 The Ruins Defiled 48:44
CHAPTER 17 Call of Blood 01:00:58
CHAPTER 18 Timenoid Shadows 01:16:53
CHAPTER 19 The Indelible Mark 1:24:25
CHAPTER 20 Replicas Destroyed 1:40:03
CHAPTER 21 2Wrongs-1Right

The Deception games are a series of console Action-Style strategy-RPGs created and published by Tecmo for Sony’s line of PlayStation consoles. They have an emphasis on passive combat via the use of traps. Kagero: Deception II (Kagero: Kokumeikan Shinsho 影牢~刻命館真章~ in Japan) released on July 23, 1998.

Player: MfaRec
Platform: PlayStation
Release Date: July 23, 1998

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