Katamari Reroll: Crisp Clumps – PART 1 – Game Grumps


Katamari is BACK and boy, is it crisp.
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Game Grumps are:
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  1. Anyone on Firefox wanting to hear Dan better can use the extension Audio Compressor at High preset. Makes the episode much better to listen to.

  2. With Dan's mic broken it sounds like Arin is in the studio and Dan is back recording at Arin's House. Man they've come a long way.

  3. I wish there were more Katamari Games so that Game Grumps could do more Katamari. These videos are always so relaxing

  4. The purpose of the royal We has a few possible purposes. The first is that the person using it is speaking for both themselves and their god/gods. This is so that no one would dare question what they say.
    Another use is to avoid full blame. We did something wrong does not sound as damaging to a ruler as I did something wrong.
    It can be used if the royal wishes to imply that his words are the words of everyone that they rule over.
    Simple tradition, those before may have had a reason behind it but some things get passed down and are done because those who do them believe it the right thing to do. So in the end it all depends on the one using it.

  5. after watching the orignal and then this shortly after, it's funny to see them make the same jokes years later

  6. Love Katamari, so excited for it to be in the switch. May have to hijack it from my brother to play this.

  7. all comments below are about the audio…don't bother scrolling, there's nothing interesting down there

  8. well I always assumed the royal we meant that you represent not just yourself but the place that you are royal off.

  9. Not gonna lie. I kinda like the messed up mic. Kinda gives dimension to the whole thing, feel a little more personal if that makes sense. It feel like youre on the couch with them and youre sitting next to arin and dans on the far side of that. Just feels more relaxed and personal imo

  10. Someone made a With Dan version of Just The Arin's, where it includes clips of Dan saying "uh-huh" "wow" "neat" and it feels like a regular episode.

  11. I love how this fanbase is so supportive that even when there is actual tech problems, people don't get pissed but instead make jokes about it, and continue to rip on Arin and Danny like they normally would. It's beautiful :')

  12. What a bizzare game to re-release. And on the switch of all things? Wierd. AND YOU BEST BELIEVE I BOUGHT IT!

  13. The real reason most kids cartoons cuddle children isn't because it is more appealing to the children but because it is more appealing to their parents who decide what they are watching.



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