Ken Kaneki Power Levels Evolution (Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul: Re)


[Ken Kaneki Power Levels Evolution]
This video will demonstrate Ken Kaneki power levels.
These characters are from Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul: Re /Tokyo Ghoul Manga.
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Power Level Multipliers:
This time I want to explain a little about power levels of Ken Kaneki, and this is really in my opinion personal and not official.

Beginning of Series 5
Half Ghoul 12 (5×2.4)
Kagune 36 (12×3)
White Haired 42 (12×3.5)
Haise Sasaki 54 (36×1.5)
Black Reaper 81 (54×1.5)
One Eyed King (White Suit) 121 (81×1.5)
White Haired (Kagune) 126 (42×3)
Post Dragon 181 (121×1.5)
White Haired (Kakuja) 210 (42×5)
Black Reaper (Kagune) 243 (81×3)
Black Reaper (Kakuja) 405 (81×5)
One Eyed King (Kakuja) 605 (121×5)
Dragon Kakuja V1 1,815 (121×15)
Dragon Kakuja V2 1,936 (121×15)
Full Power Kagune 3,258 (181×18)
Current 271 (181×1.5)

Kagune x3
Kakuja x5
Dragon Kakuja V1 x15
Dragon Kakuja V2 x16
Full Power Kagune x18


Outro: Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack – A Stranger I Remain (Mistral’s Theme)


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  1. This is wrong, Haise couldn’t beat one of his old fiends but when the white haired guy awakened for a second he beat his pretty easily.

  2. Yeah once I watched the episode where they had sex and got pregnant and married in 1 episode I was like NOPE I’m done goodbye show 👋

  3. How is kaneki so strong but always getting his ass beat by weaker oppenents….it's so frustrating…power levels are all over the place in this show.

  4. I'm not sure how you wer able to calculate haises power because he never went all out and the times wer he did get serious he never came close to showing the power that the white haired kanaki did


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