Ken Kaneki Power Levels Evolution (Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul: Re)

[Ken Kaneki Power Levels Evolution]
This video will demonstrate Ken Kaneki power levels.
These characters are from Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul: Re /Tokyo Ghoul Manga.
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Power Level Multipliers:
This time I want to explain a little about power levels of Ken Kaneki, and this is really in my opinion personal and not official.

Beginning of Series 5
Half Ghoul 12 (5×2.4)
Kagune 36 (12×3)
White Haired 42 (12×3.5)
Haise Sasaki 54 (36×1.5)
Black Reaper 81 (54×1.5)
One Eyed King (White Suit) 121 (81×1.5)
White Haired (Kagune) 126 (42×3)
Post Dragon 181 (121×1.5)
White Haired (Kakuja) 210 (42×5)
Black Reaper (Kagune) 243 (81×3)
Black Reaper (Kakuja) 405 (81×5)
One Eyed King (Kakuja) 605 (121×5)
Dragon Kakuja V1 1,815 (121×15)
Dragon Kakuja V2 1,936 (121×15)
Full Power Kagune 3,258 (181×18)
Current 271 (181×1.5)

Kagune x3
Kakuja x5
Dragon Kakuja V1 x15
Dragon Kakuja V2 x16
Full Power Kagune x18


Outro: Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack – A Stranger I Remain (Mistral’s Theme)


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