LEA – Atmospheric Indie Horror Game, Full Playthrough (Gameplay / Walkthrough)


Welcome to Lea! Its a pretty unique and interesting horror game that doesn’t rely on cheap jumpscares. I like it!


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  1. Actually the "tree quote" is an existentialist one, implying that maybe you need to be seen by others to verify-confirm your own existence.

  2. Oh, by the way. This was made by my 7th grade reading teacher's nephew.
    I have a 2 degree relationship with the creator.

  3. If you had turned around halfway down the staircase, he would have jumpscared you. it got me good when I played this XD

  4. there was an extra thingy that happened on the last stairs for me (the spiral ones), but you didn't seem to have it. hmm…maybe I just turned back all the way and you didn't turn far enough? lol idk. but nothing too special.

  5. what happens is oliver kills himself and plays with lea when he is dead after a little bit ant the end lea kills herself that explains the quote now we can play together forever meaning in hell or heaven

  6. Oliver turned into a ghost and that's what was following you and Oliver killed Lea. When you were playing that was What happens in Lea's final hours.

  7. Hi, developers of Lea here! Thanks so much for playing our game, we're glad you enjoyed it! We used a clip of this video in our Kickstarter campaign for a new game we're developing. Check it out at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/731855181/the-letter-1
    All donations are appreciated!

  8. You are so much less annoying than all of the others playing horror games on youtube, and not talking to all of the objects, trying to be funny like some popular retards. Thank you for that!

  9. I really like this game, and it's a shame they dropped it.  there was so much story building up, and atmosphere.  Also questions: is her dead brother a ghost?  Or is she crazy?  Can she see into another "dimention" of death like the movie Sixth Sense?  Are there a string of "suicides" indicating it might be a serial killer disguising his kills as youthful angsty suicides?  I WANT TO KNOW NOW.  (;_;)

  10. So right about how it looks. This is a rather immersive Unity game and I liked how it lulled you into believing it was only a creepy game. And then it decided to insert a maze and we rounded back to you-bitches D: I really enjoyed the moving objects, though, I have to wonder why Oliver suicided if he didn't want to be forgotten? Lea seemed to obsess over him being dead and haunting just her but I wonder what happened to her exactly? I feel like the tv effect from Poltergeist happened here and she just… wasn't there anymore and since no one was home, no one knew what happened. /: Anywho, good lil' unity game.

  11. Don't know if it's just me but the owl or whatever making its noise EVERY LIKE 5 FUCKING SECONDS is driving me crazy (only a few minutes in so I don't know if it improves over time)

  12. The game was really cool but it ended pretty suddenly it seemed like, although that could just be where the developers left off when they abandoned it. But anyways, great game and great video Kravin

  13. Agh, the mouse sensitivity is making me twitch and all I'm doing is watching!

    Interesting game! The ending was a little abrupt. Was there more in that final room than just that note?

  14. The town of Jatinga is actually a real place, and the phenomenon still does happen. It only takes place once a year, and still no one can explain why it happens. Creepy stuff.


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