Let's Play Dredgers – PC Gameplay Part 1 – I Am Indomitable!


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Welcome to the world of dredgers. Dredgers are the men and monsters who all desire the gold and power lying in the dungeons beneath the earth. As a dredger you’ll be exploring dungeons, looking for gold, potions, scrolls, food and more to further your endless descent into the depths.

As you slay enemies in your way, you’ll earn experience which affords you higher stats, new classes and new skills. Deflect enemy projectiles as a fencer or call down devastating beams of light as a priest. Maybe you prefer leaving the grunt work to your followers as a summoner or lich? Or perhaps you prefer having excellent equipment instead, taking the blacksmith and artificer classes.

Even better, why not be all of the above? Dredgers places very little restrictions on classes, allowing you to combine them to your heart’s content.

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  1. Very excited to see this game get covered! It's got some real goofy builds available.

    Wander not sparing a glance to the race skills, however, is suffering.

  2. ive been waiting for something like this for a long time. a classic roguelike with a decent art style and some good animations. dungeons of dredmore came kindof close, but it would be nice if it went still a step further.

    whats always bothering me about real roguelikes is that the graphics are often times too simplistic for my taste. i would just love to play a game in that style where the characters, items and everything is really well animated. maybe even as far as seeing the equipment displayed on the character.

    heck, maybe even make a game like this in 3D with the top down perspective. in a style like looking for heals did it.

  3. Dwarf craftsman is op as a base character but there is a race that is better at crafting than dwarf but im too lazy to look it up for this comment.

  4. It's just an anime about a female,novice,big shield warrior who spent all of her DEF and VIT stats so that she won't get hurt

  5. Man, leader mantle with crown is one of the most early OP set. With enchanter, Shield master and knight class. And the red tooth race. It adds the def of your follower to yoursef (with each one having around 300 def 😂). You Can start as Shield master but you need to disable the easy start option in options. What kill you is a bloodfallen. Once kill they ressurect. A really PITA. That thing and robots.


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