Let's Play Dredgers | Roguelite Pixelart Dungeon Crawler w/ TOO MANY Races! | Run 1


This is a game that can let you choose between a multitude of races, each with their unique skills/perks. Also, the class system is not locked, meaning you can become a fighter-priest, archer-bard, etc.

One thing to note is that there’s no real progression of story. Each run, you earn tokens to unlock new races, which means you can play as more races, but that’s it. There aren’t any new items or new skills to be unlocked. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depends on your taste. Your only goal of this game is try to venture down into the dungeon as far as possible!

Steam Description: Based on traditional rogue-likes, Dredgers is a real-time dungeon crawler where you can play as 30 different races, each having their own stats and skills. With the unique class system you can mix and match classes as you desire, anything from an Archer-Knight to a Berserker-Summoner-Priest is possible!

Nguồn: https://aancom88.com/

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