Let's Play: IMAGINE FASHION DESIGNER – This game is.. interesting..? [Twitch Stream]


Imagine Fashion Designer Playlist:

Imagine is a series of video games primarily for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, and Wii game consoles, released from February 21, 2007 and aimed primarily at girls aged 6 to 14. All games are published by French video game company Ubisoft. The Imagine series of games allows players to take on the role of various occupations, such as a fashion designer, rock star, movie star or teacher.

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  1. I know this is a really old video but you can apply the blush lightly instead of repeatedly rubbing it. Using a heavy hand will make the color darker because it stacks. It also helps to increase your score if you do it lighter and in a smaller area. The eyeshadow also needs to be applied lightly and all the way up to the eyebrows. If you go into the workshop option of the game in the main menu, you can auto-apply the makeup to see how the game wants you to apply it. Idk if you’ll ever play this game again (I play it over and over throughout the course of my life from when I was 9 to now as a 22 year old). so if you ever revisit it, this is a tip!

  2. hi can you please tell me where you bought this game! ive been looking for it for years!!!!!! I have a macbook and I would like to know if you know if it is possible to get it on mac?

  3. hi! I can't seem to access my missions even after i finished all the tasks everyone asked of me.. please help !


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