LGR – Classic AOL on Modern Windows


Tutorial and demonstration of America Online 4.0 running on Windows 8.1.

Did you know you can still sign into the old-school AOL application for free? As long as you have a broadband connection, you can (for now!) Watch this to find out how to surf the web 90’s-style.

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“Ersatz Bossa” and
“Hold on a Second” by John Deley

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  1. Damn, Danielle who is 43 years old is still using AOL at this point in time while we got Facebook and Twitter and Messenger. 😆

  2. Hi LGR love you're channel. I have a question is ur aol still working for this version mine is saying We were unable to connect to aol your tcp/ip connection may not be working properly arggghhhh i wanted to bring those memory back LOL

  3. Cheat: to also get AIM back on. Switch the default AOL AIM server url, to iwarg.ddns.net but dont change the connection number.


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