LGR – Happyland Adventures Xmas Edition Review


Christmas is almost here but Santa Claus is in trouble! Naturally. This time, it’s up to you as a pixel art dog to save little pixel art creatures in the world of Happyland. This game is just so HAPPY. And free!

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Candion, Real Synth Music 4, Streetlight Conundrum 1

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  1. This is the final Christmas game review of 2017! It's been quite a year on LGR and I do hope you've enjoyed it.
    Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. everyone played this when i was in elementary school !!! we had to download it everytime though because the school pcs were reset every dau

  3. This game had a pretty good level editor. I used to make huge, sprawling levels with lots of secrets. My friends would play this game in school. I miss it!

  4. I remember back in 2000 when I used to babysit my toddler nephew, I sat him in front of the PC and had him play this

  5. It`s like a Gormless bubbling and Back 2D games. I think it`s uses same game engine.I like this games.There are my first PC games! P.S. Back my 2006-2007)

  6. man it never occurred to me to google the passwords cause i thought this game was way too obscure, thank you!

  7. If anyone wants to give the original a shot, or the other contest winners, here is the link. Figured I'd share it since I went searching for it myself. http://archive.gamedev.net/archive/community/contest/results.html

  8. >Open a can of Redbull
    >Drink what appears to be root beer or Dr Pepper
    You can't trick me. I'm too clever for that.

  9. I like the game but when i play it it's either Too small to play in windowed or glitchy in full screen (especially if you look at the colors)

  10. Hey Clint, what's the name of that last song that you used? I swear I've heard it on a Hallmark Christmas special my mom and sister were watching (or a Christmas themed commercial at least).

  11. I know this is a good place to ask… does anyone remember an old flash game where you had to go through a maze(??) as a rabbit and your objective/end goal was a carrot? The rabbit always went "give me carrot" and stuff. I remember my older cousin always let me play it, but I can't remember the name and searching for it has been a little useless

  12. LGR videos keep making me rediscovered games I played and remember playing years ago, but whose name I forgot.

  13. Wow i forgot about this game, got this with a pc mag on a floppy, mad loads of custom levels, lots of fun

  14. i forgot about this game! i spent SO many hours playing happyland, i remember having scraps of paper on my desk where i wrote down all the passwords as i passed each level. oh god, 2000…i was 12/13 years old. this was an awesome trip down memory lane, thank you!


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