Lock Picking in Real Life vs Fallout


Player One Ready: lock picking in real life vs fallout

This is the first installment of Player One Ready, a series all about all the awesome skills you see in video games, if they work in real life, and how to learn them. In this video I’ll be going over lock picking in Fallout 3 and how it relates to lock picking in real life, and whether or not it’s even possible to pick locks like it’s shown in video games.

Fallout is a video game developed by Bethesda studios, the centers around a post apocalyptic world. In it players must scavenge around for weapons and supplies, one of the ways a player can do that is through lock picking. The lock picking mechanic in game works by letting the player manipulate a screwdriver, and bobby pin to open the lock.

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Elgato HD50 s:
Lavaliere mic:
Sparrow practice lock:

The cut away lock I use in the video is made by sparrow lock picks and is a full brass construction, and is a great tool for beginners.

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  1. Skyrim does the same thing and it's really comical even with the picks being made of thin iron in the game.

    Lock picking in those games is funny and fake but thanks for making this video as if smart people didn't know this already.


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