Longplay of Cubix Robots for Everyone: Showdown


Longplay of Cubix Robots for Everyone: Showdown, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on June 2nd, 2003. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:15 – Intro
0:01:38 – Opening

Stage 1
0:03:22 – Start
0:05:55 – vs. Maximix
0:10:25 – vs. Ixmow
0:14:10 – vs. Cerebrix

Stage 2
0:21:30 – Start
0:23:30 – vs. Aquatix
0:34:02 – vs. Disposix
0:45:19 – vs. Mozzarelix
0:52:20 – vs. Hop2ix
0:57:02 – vs. Mr. Fixit
1:09:17 – vs. Katastrophe (boss)

Stage 3
1:24:40 – Start
1:28:08 – vs. Sewwix
1:38:08 – vs. Botanix
1:49:08 – vs. Directix
1:56:09 – vs. Weldnfix
2:02:55 – vs. Heroix
2:11:33 – vs. Klawber (boss)

Stage 4
2:24:58 – Start
2:26:10 – vs. Pistixide
2:36:20 – vs. Lectrix
2:43:42 – vs. Detectix
2:54:09 – vs. Acoustix
2:59:44 – vs. Vendix
3:11:22 – vs. Kontraption (boss)

Stage 5
3:26:02 – Start
3:28:33 – vs. Ixtinguish
3:34:25 – vs. Attractix
3:45:58 – vs. Propelix
3:54:38 – vs. Delishix
4:01:55 – vs. Brutix
4:12:16 – vs. Kubix
4:20:14 – vs. Kolossal

4:32:36 – Credits

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  1. This game features a few stages with some blockpuzzles and robots to defeat. Once all robots are defeated, you fight the stage boss and move on to the next stage. The graphics are kinda lame and the cutscenes are horrendous (notice how totally out of sync the audio is).

    The battle system is weird too… it's super simplistic but you gotta stay sharp to do any damage at all. Landing a first hit is easy.. landing a second hit is like a 70% fail (for me, atleast).. and a third hit? Only did that ONCE in the entire game lol.

    The enemies have like quintuple as much HP as your character has, but you can fight 3vs1 so it balances out… after every battle won, you get to keep the robot.. but with 80% less HP.

    Now to very quickly explain the battle system… every turn you can choose between aggressive/passive/defensive. You ALWAYS get to choose, even if it's the enemies turn. After choosing your attack style, you have to stop the cursor at the right time to result in a positive or negative attack. Aggressive hits the most and defensive hits the least. This means that if you choose aggressive, but you don't stop the cursor at the right time (a negative), you get the most damage dealt back to you. This damage will further be increased if your opponent also chose "aggressive".

    With that in mind (I hope you understand)… you must know the following. The enemy will ALWAYS attack in aggressive (even if it's on 2nd or 3rd turn.. where it becomes much more difficult to stop the cursor at positive)… the enemy will also ALWAYS choose defensive when you're attacking.

    Secondly.. the CPU will almost always land the first hit (lets say 90% chance)… but the second hit seems to be more of a 50/50 and the third hit is like a guaranteed fail.

    THEREFORE, you should always use DEFENSIVE on his first hit.. but AGGRESSIVE on his second hit. He's likely to fail so if he does so, you usually take out 1/3rd of his total HP.

    You should always choose aggressive for your first hit and perhaps defensive for your second hit (unless you're really good at landing the 2nd hit.. then choose aggressive). Nevertheless, this information is not nearly as important because the damage dealt during your attack rounds is nothing compared to what you can deal to him when he hits a negative during his combat phase. Literally most of the damage done during the fights in the later part of the video are not even really dealt by me.. but by choosing the right combat options when I know he's gonna hit a negative.

    Now there's also a buff called x2 damage.. if you only have one, save this for the time he's on his third hit.. because he's always gonna fail that one anyway. Pull an aggressive + x2 multiplier and WHAM, 1HKO usually.. you can also risk it on the 2nd hit which I did many times and it worked out just fine lol.

    So yep.. the CPU always attacks in the same dummy way… if you know how, then it's super easy to manipulate the combat system and easily win each battle.

    Flawed game? Yep.. but it wouldn't have been any more fun if the CPU was smart. The combat system is just ridiculously stupid (although original).

  2. Aah! God this game was my jam back around 2013-14. My stepdad bought this for me along with some Beyblade game and another GameCube controller. Such a fun game.
    Honestly, this playthrough inspired me to replay the game again today, right now I'm at Dr. K's base! Thank you for doing this!!

  3. 6:18 – I can't be the only one who can see san's face from undertale in that circle, can I? it's vague, maybe I'm going insane.


  4. ahhhhh yes back when 4kids was good
    there best work next to ultimate muscle viva pinata kirby and back to the future the animated series (<- no seriously they made that look it up)


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