Loopy Lenses, The Totally Crazy Drawing Game


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ALLJArt is all about becoming professional artists we want to be. In sharing my raw, honest art endeavors, through studio vlogs, exploring watercolour, art topic discussions, mistakes and successes, I hope to create a community of artists who are willing to share their experiences, encourage each other and grow together.

So if you are excited about art, need a little help finding your path or feel like you’ve got it all together, join me on this incredible ride as an arty fam member by clicking the subscribe button now, See you in my next video!

Please feel free to leave me any suggestions on what you want to see, whether it be the type of video or if you want me to draw/paint a certain subject or use a certain medium. Let’s grow this community and grow our art together!

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  1. Hahahahahaha you brighten my day so much!! You remind me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter with the lenses on.


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