Madam Mim's Bet (Parody Indie Game Play Through)

Help Arthur and Merlin win the sexy bad witch’s Bet!

This is the complete play through video of the indie game I created.
(thus it contains spoiler)
I suggest you play the game first before you watch this video.

Play the free game on NewGrounds:

Story Cutscenes Time List:
0:15 Opening Story
2:45 Draw the Sword
2:50 Bikini Ending (Ending on Easy mode)
4:03 Bath Ending (Ending on Normal Mode)
6:11 Waifu Ending (Ending on Hard Mode)
7:16 Slave Ending (Lose any of Story Mode Game)
11:16 ??? (Don’t Ask…It’s Somewhere in the Game)

Game Play Section Time List:
1:55 Game Tutorial
2:18 Game on Easy Mode
3:26 Game on Normal Mode
5:03 Game on Hard Mode
7:00 Lose Easy, Normal, or Hard Mode on Purpose
7:52 Game on Arcade Mode
10:54 The Original High Score Board
(Due to some programming issue, I changed the design)

—–behind the scenes story—–
This game was inspired by(also a parody) Disney’s 1963 old animated movie “The Sword in the Stone”, the movie itself was inspired by the 1938 same name novel by T.H.White, and the novel itself was inspired by the old legends in Britain…
(I believe everyone knows king Arthur and knights of the round table)

This is a free game to research many game designs or mechanisms and also express my personal opinion (review) on the movie. All original characters design IP belongs to Disney.
But the musics and game itself is originally created by PoliuxDimension studio.

Welcome to contact me or report bugs/suggestion below
or PM me on NG or my E-mail:


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