Magatama (Original Xbox Japan Exclusive) – Import Gaming FTW! Ep.15


Magatama…a Japan-exclusive Xbox game developed by the relatively obscure Team Breakout and published by Microsoft Game Studios…a damned shame this never saw release outside of Japan…and will never be on an episode of Viridian Flashback, Youtube’s #1 channel dedicated to the original black box!

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Japanese title: 魔牙霊
Release date: 11-20-2003
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Team Breakout
Platform: Microsoft Xbox

Gaming Rebellion:

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Gameplay was captured using the Elgato Game Capture HD, and video/audio was edited using Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite, Version 12. All music used was taken directly from the game.

Other games featured in this video are Halo (Microsoft, Xbox), Dead or Alive 3 (Tecmo, Xbox), Breakdown (Namco, Xbox), Jet Set Radio Future (Sega, Xbox), Ninja Gaiden Black (Tecmo, Xbox), and Shenmue II (Sega, Xbox).

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  1. I saw this game so often on ebay back in the day. It got a cool looking cover an the price was cheap, but unfortunataly I had no modded Xbox to play it. The graphics still hold up to this day (like many OG Xbox Games.

  2. This game is good up to the Phoenix and goes downhill once you reach that point and fast. You lose Orochi shortly after and you get swamped with waves of enemies in the final level; with your main damage dealer gone you're completely helpless. This alone makes the game terrible. One of the hardest and most unfair hack and slash games I've ever played.

  3. Japanese exclusive!? Aw… I just saw footage of this game in an Xbox demo disc I own and wanted to play the full game for myself because it looked cool. Oh well…

  4. Wish this was in English, looks like a nightmare to navigate the upgrade menus and such. Looks good but not as good as Otogi

  5. Awesome. Gotta ask if you happen to know the name of the song you used for the intro? I NEED TO FIND AN MP3 OF IT

  6. Thank you man for this video, always good to have info and video on obscure titles, I knew for Tenerezza but I've only heard for Magatama and completely forgot about it. 😉

  7. Good video, never knew about this Japanese gem, hope to play it someday. Looking ahead to the Tenerezza review and other J-xbox exclusives.

  8. I have stuck at 5:10 of this video. There is lava with 3 pillars inside but i dont know what to do. Can anyone help me?

  9. I remember seeing this game way back when. I saw it on a Xbox demo disc. I was really looking forward to it back then. I always wondered what happen to the game. I didn't know it was Japan exclusive. I just stumbled upon this video by accident. Thanks for sharing and making a video about it. I love games based on Japanese mythology with Samurai's and Ninjas.


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