Mario Paint Fly Swatting Challenge, Levels 1-8 Part 1


WARNING: Video extremely repetitive and possibly boring. If anything just watch the last part to see all the kinds of icons that get displayed.

I think any Mario Painter worth their salt should attempt this challenge, NOW.
Basically this is a play through of me completing all 48 levels of the coffee break game in Mario Paint. There’s 15 different icons before it cycles through and starts over again. I’m surprised no one on Youtube has done anything like this yet..

This part includes Levels 1 through 8.

I remember doing this about 5 years ago when my sister was just getting into video games..and she watched me do it too. Fast forward to a few days ago and the topic was brought up in a chat, so here I am doing it again for everyone to see.

This was done on snes9x, due to ease of recording. I did not use any slowdown tricks or cheats for this, but I can only give my word for it. This isn’t that hard, just…tedious.


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  1. I always thought those little flies from the begining sounded like Stu Pickles from Rugrats clearing his throat.

  2. Yo siempre me pregunte, porque el juego que yo tenia solo era un video y nunca pude hacer nada excepto ver el video

  3. Omg I finally found the game! I been looking for this game for years now! I always called it the computer tv mario game when i was a kid and never knew the actual name and any time i tried to explain it to my family they didnt know what I was talking about. Back when the Wii first came out the music triggered my brian to remember this game but I could never find it and it has been bothering me ever sense. Like BIG time! You have no idea how much this relieved me! Im so happy! Now I have to some how find a way to get the game so I can play it again and show my daughter! Nobody in my family remembered this game. But I would play it for hours at my grandmas house. She didn't know what I was talking about either. I wish that she was still alive… I really want to show her the game and see her reaction… Sorry for the book I wrote. Finding this game finally is really big for me. Lol


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