Minecraft :: Hermitcraft #29 – BoomBox TNT Game with Hermits!


“BoomBox” is the Hermit Thrills TNT minigame I made. Today I play it with Impulse, xBCrafted, and Zueljin

Zueljin – www.youtube.com/user/zueljin
xBCrafted – www.youtube.com/user/xbxaxcx
ImpulseSV – www.youtube.com/impulsesv

Visit the Hermitcraft website!

Outro Music: Underwaterbeats – Delete

Music by TeknoAxe

HermitCraft is hosted through CubedHost! Use this link for 20% off at checkout:

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  1. Tango, watching your vids about 11 months after they were made… But your stuff is amazing & this video is one of the best ever! Hilarious!

  2. add an extra layer of glass on the top to mitigate damage while spectating, and is there an "online id" option in the home settings?

  3. Is there coming an map download of Hermit Thrills, because I would really like trying out these games myself

  4. Honestly, I don't see the appeal to this, it's just not very easy to do and I don't think it was done well. Limited mobility and view makes it just a confused mess.

  5. I've got some suggestion. You should have a colored leather armors or at least a chest armor to be able to remember who is on what team in case there are more than one player on the team

  6. Got a solution for you!
    Name tags go away when you are invisible. To still be able to see the other people, have them wear leather armor, maybe dyed the color of the room they start in.

  7. Will a HermitCraft map download ever be a thingy?

    Would love to play some of these minigames you guys make with friends

  8. you guys on ur next stream should/could prank the new arrival on the server .. (Doc&Etho) :+) !? cant really watch the stream cuz of work and night school but it would be a great show … 


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