Moist Banana Bread Recipe


You’ll love this easy to make moist banana bread recipe with just the right amount of sweetness and a sprinkle of slices!

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Your bananas should be more brown than yellow and look like they’re ready to toss out. Basically they’re starting to liquify inside making them perfect for baking into your banana bread. If your bananas are not there yet don’t worry you can easily “ripen” them in 10 minutes using the steps below.


If you need to ripen bananas for a recipe like this banana bread just place them on a baking sheet and bake at 350F (177C) for about 10 minutes or until the skin blackens and the bananas are soft. Allow to cool a bit, then remove skin, transfer to bowl and mush up!

If you have some almost ripe bananas and a little time you can store them in a closed paper bag and the ethylene they naturally emit will ripen them at an accelerated rate.

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  1. THIS RECIPE SAVED THE DAY! I lost my usual (and ALL my own) recipes when my ext hard drive went dark… just before a big family event. I found this one that looked very close to my usual one so I went with this. I had to make 5 loaves and at the last moment found I had to play with the ingredients so I could make them. I only had a small toddlers sized Vanilla yogurt so I went with that, for another I had to use sour cream and another buttermilk. 2 were plain banana so I mushed half the bananas and chunked the other half. One I made with chocolate chips, another with walnuts and another raisins. Each one came out PERFECT – they were very moist and very flavorful. Oh I didn't have cardomon left, sadly, but they were fantastic anyway. This is my new go to recipe. Thanks! OH, and I made your apple cake a couple months ago, TO DIE FOR! 🙂

  2. I don't care for the flavor of very ripe bananas, which seems "musty" to me, so softening them in the oven is a great tip I will definitely use.

  3. Did second time,love a lot,prefer chopped walnut inside mix,half brown sugar,just personal preference,I did follow you on top first time,thanks a lot,also did your pound cake

  4. This recipe is amazing! Today I made this banana bread and I so happy! It`is very yummy! Thank you so much for this recipe! You channel is cool and inspiring!

  5. I just made this one for the third time, I’ve made it plain, with pecans, and now with shredded coconut. Every single time it has been spectacular. THANK YOU so much for this recipe.

  6. if you just showed us the part when you take the banana bread out of the oven and cut it infront of us it would be the perfect vid ever

  7. I have made twice – way too much salt in the recipe. I think a quarter teaspoon is ample. I think the recipe needs to be adjusted. Other than that, its a lovely recipe. Nice texture and easy to make.

  8. Just finished baking this bread since I had exactly 3 overripe bananas and it came out soooo good and yummy! Great recipe and so easy to make 👍

  9. This had me cracking up and smiling the entire time, especially on 2x speed. When you just threw some cinnamon in there cause it didn't fit, yep about a TSP. 😂 Same. "ugh, nightmare Bananas" also saaaame, but my baby loves them, they're her dream Bananas. So, I think. Anyways, thanks for the lovely enjoyable videos.

  10. I watched many recipies but i chose yours because it is outstanding recipe it has distinct ingredients with very very ymy taste 😍

  11. I made your banana cake. It turned out beautiful and my 10 year old daughter loves it!! Its super delicious and super moist.. thanks for the lovely recipe 🙂

  12. ur banana bread must be very good because of many spices. I usually make my banana bread by adding all ingredients into the food processor. I like to use a cup of all purpose and a cup of almond flour. I feel that it tastes better this way.

  13. i really like whenyou host a video your so interesting and funny. the way you move in the kitchen its not so boring plus your smile gives a lot of thumbs up. btw it was the blue stand mixer that was missing as you mentioned what it was.
    thanks for sharing.
    love cris from abu dhabi

  14. I love this banana bread so much i made it again but the second time I made, it I got a bit ahead of myself and added the sugar to the dry ingredients instead of adding it to the butter and coconut oil 😣 I thought well maybe it won’t make much of a difference but it did, it came out not as soft and moist 😭it was a bit more dense and nowhere as good as the first one I made. I guess I’ll try again next week 🙁


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