Mystery of the LOST Online Game (U.B. Funkeys)


Not many people are aware of this game’s existence, but it just disappeared one day. What happened, and is there a way to play it today?

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  1. I remember the figures I don't remember the game at all… Maybe I just bought the figure and couldn't access the closed off servers ^^

  2. I remember this game. I didn't get to play anywhere near as much as I wanted to due to my mom always playing the majong on my siblings profiles (she outright refused to play on mine to at least get me some money liek she got for them). I was randomly reminded of them today and I didn't expect them to be around still, but I am sad they're gone. Kinda tempting to see if I can get some just to re-experience it all… Without the online, ofc, but I don't think I tended to do much with that anyways.

  3. This was the first video game I ever played. I loved this as a kid. My favorite character was the guy that was painted like a warplane, I think it's name was ace.

  4. I LOVED this game as a kid!! I still have my figure dock, set up disc, and a few figures kicking around. It's sad to hear all the online server were shut down I always wanted to try logging back in but guess I'm 10 years too late. Still somehwat a relief the single player game still survives at least!!

  5. Funkey is the 1st this to life game some people think it skylander but NO FUNKEY IS THE TOY TO LIF 😂😂 (I like skylanders and I never played funkey)

  6. Hey, this game in not lost at all, almost all of the updates have been archived, including the latest version, 5.0. The online servers are offline, but that doesn't mean the entire game is lost. If you want a real lost media mystery, try F.A.M.P.S, a girl focused toys to life game by the same company who made Funkeys.

  7. Idk when I started playing this but I only had 2 but they weren’t mine I started playing it maybe 2010 when I was 5

  8. Holy frick I spent like an hour trying to figure out what these things where called this is so nostalgic thank you, i cant find my funkeys though RIP og funkey squad

  9. our whole family adored this game back when me n my brother were kids, and we collected at least one of every single character aside from Dot bc you had to get her at comicon, we still have a huge basket full of all of them plus the big UB funkey you plug in to play, id die to be able to fully play that game again and be able to relive it so if y’all ever figure out a way around playing it on newer systems and servers let me know


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