NECA ARACHNOID ALIEN vs Predator Arcade Game Action Figure Toy Review


I’m running out of things to say in the descriptions of NECA’s Alien and Predator videos because they’re all about the same general thing and they release more of these than Starbucks sells pumpkin spice lattes to twenty-something blonde girls. I just realized this might be the best description ever.

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  1. I just got this and holy shit it is plagued with problems for my copy , Anthony. Mine came with super sloppy and thick/ brush strokey paint. Half of it not even fully applied . Even the drybrushing has no consistency. To top it off all the articulation is either not properly put together/loose or stuck,(mine broke at the elbow out of the box without even touching it. Also missing paint on multiple places like the face. Overall in every regard mine is a piece of garbage. It looks like a grade schooler tried to paint it tbh for the looks. About as disappointing as I could ever imagine. I'm scared to buy these anymore cause they had problems but now it's a billion times worse. I give mine a 2 out of ten . Smh. Good review though. Btw in no way am bashing you or the channel. Just bashing the shit out of neca. I'm giving them a couple more chances for aliens and that's it. Cause I wanna love this line with me being a hardcore alien fan but every time I come back to it it's worse than before like wtf

  2. This is just a heavy re-sculpt of the NECA Dog Alien, and I bet you that if you remove the dome like in their Dog Alien you will see the same head sculpt. They just removed the digitigrade legs and reused a lot of other alien parts. The only new sculpts are the dorsal horns on the back and the top of the dome on the head. Still it is still quite cool, like all of their ALIEN figures…also dude, stand your aliens straight, they are NOT small, none of them are, they are all in fact taller than the Predators if stood up straight.

  3. Love the honesty in your reviews. I continue to watch these to make purchase decision I was on the cusp til now. I will not be adding this to my collection. Again great work much appreciated

  4. I debated this one in store, but put it back echoing exactly what you say about it in the video. Just looked too plain Alien for me.


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