Nioh 2 Hatchets Skills Showcase | Best Early Game Skills | Hatchet Moveset


Nioh 2 Hatchets Skills Showcase. This guide shows the best early game skills for the hatchets and demos the early game Nioh 2 hatchet moveset. I review a number of the Nioh 2 hatchets moves and where to find them in the hatchets skill tree. I also discuss why I feel that these Nioh 2 hatchet skills are great for a number of different early game scenarios.

I’ve just launched a Patreon account (which is basically a donation/funding service). I know this is forward, but given the growth of the channel, (and my present life-circumstances!) I’d really like to see if we can get the channel to take off, I’d love to be able to make this my actual job! To do that, honestly, I could really use some better equipment to make videos with. I’ll leave that link below too in case you’re feeling flush 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the video! Jumping into Nioh 2 after a somewhat casual playthrough of Nioh 1 has me feeling in over my head, I appreciate the explanations. I was disappointed with the hatchets at first but I realized I was using them all wrong. Without looking at the ranged potential, they basically feel like a worse dual katanas, but once you tap into all of the throwing skills they are incredibly versatile and fun.

  2. What I have been waiting for . Thank you for the video ! Also one thing , demon undercut move is amazing and has higher hit rate when you successfully dodge an attack from opponent . Probably not a good idea to start with it as you will probably get it as it has shorter range and the enemy will most likely will be in the hit radius to you

  3. Every time I'm looking for info on something specific, boom you come out with the content. Thanks a lot for the hardwork man. Never thought that I would end up with Axe and Hatchets in the end, just didn't feel right at the start, now at final boss and definitely gonna use that combo for new game+. Really appreciate your advice and tips.


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