Nioh 2 Hatchets Skills Showcase | Best Early Game Skills | Hatchet Moveset

Nioh 2 Hatchets Skills Showcase. This guide shows the best early game skills for the hatchets and demos the early game Nioh 2 hatchet moveset. I review a number of the Nioh 2 hatchets moves and where to find them in the hatchets skill tree. I also discuss why I feel that these Nioh 2 hatchet skills are great for a number of different early game scenarios.

I’ve just launched a Patreon account (which is basically a donation/funding service). I know this is forward, but given the growth of the channel, (and my present life-circumstances!) I’d really like to see if we can get the channel to take off, I’d love to be able to make this my actual job! To do that, honestly, I could really use some better equipment to make videos with. I’ll leave that link below too in case you’re feeling flush 🙂

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