NiOH 2 – Yasakani Magatama Grind – EASIEST way, 100% Confirmed


Greetings Samurai

EDIT: It’s confirmed tha LUCK is not a factor here, since the Yasakani will always be a Divine. That was a mistake on my part. Focus on the effectiveness of your runs/minute. Good luck Shiftlings.

In this video I will be showing you THE easiest and fastest way to get extra Yasakani Magatama. Watch the full length for the details.

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I will be covering all I can get my hands on NiOH 2!

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  1. I got it in 30 mins, just open dawn in NG+ no need to kill the final boss or finish the other maps. Just unlock Dawn and start farming! Goodluck guys! Its just complete rng no luck needed…

  2. I just got my 2nd Yasakani Magatama at the place that you said but, I got it from a little bold Gaki by shooting them. That was my 5th or if not 7th try and I got 160(+2) . Thank you.

  3. I have a question , does Yasakani Magatama drop in NG ? After Otakemaru or not…. i just reached the Final Mission so i'd like to know for sure , or is it only on NG+

  4. I did not get from the boss fight otekemaru in the dream of samurai. So i will confirm get from boss fight otekemaru in dream of the strong ?

  5. It works got my luck up to 130 but I used the spider guardian spirit. Used luck bringer as well I was able to do it in 50 tries or so.

  6. I got it after almost 11 hours of continuous farming. Just wow lol I didn't mind it actually because I have nowhere to go because of Quarantine. Also, it was kind of a long meditation session for me, took away my overthinking of personal problems and worries I'm going through right now. 🙂

  7. Can i get it in early game or do i have to finish the first play through ? like i have just unlocked this mission

  8. still works 🙂 got mine today,, i actually got it from the one eyed small girl after i killed her,,, took me 5 hours of farming, no farm gear when i did it just regular build gear when i got it and i had kodama blessing set to hunter blessing..

  9. Ive been going at this for 2 days now. Do i have to defeat otakemaru in ng+ and then farm or can it drop without killing the final boss?

  10. Luck does not affect the drop of said item drop from picking up set items as shown. You're already getting an accesory so luck isn't going to passively make you get a specific accessory.

  11. Yes, I got it after 1 hour. The easiest way (for me) was to headshot the two gakis first with a bow so nobody gets aggroed (they do with the rifle) and then backstab the one-eyed child to death. Got 5-6 Toshiie's Abacus before getting Yasakani which is good too. Good luck folks!

  12. Your not gonna believe it but in the main mission to fight that spider bull on ng+ I opened up a chest around the mansion where u have to destroy the lighting pole I got it from the chest when I saw it I couldn’t believe it so that means I’m going to get another one 100% percent from the endgame boss


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