Orly's Draw-A-Story – The Strange Princess (part 1)


Welcome to Orly’s Draw-A-Story, where children ages 5 to 10 create drawings that spring to life in an animated story adventure. As the story unfolds, Orly will invite your child to draw and color a picture. Surprise! The characters talk and joke with your child while she works, then come to life as part of the story! Kids can choose from any of Orly’s delightful storylines or create their own original illustrated tale. There are lots of colorful paint cans and textures, detail-rich backgrounds, and lively music for hours of creative play!

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  1. Played this everyday as a kid with my sister. It is amazing to see other people that played it too!
    Watching it gave me chills of nostalgia.

  2. 16:02 “purple! That is my most favouritist Color” I still quote this (in my head obviously, coz people won’t get the reference)

  3. I used to play this game when I was a kid. Had to search it up to make sure it was real bc no one else remembered it. All the sounds and music has me fully immersed in nostalgia

  4. This brings back Childhood Memories which I remember this in the past since I was a kid at Elementary School and it used to be my favorite game all the time.

  5. I used to play this back in elementary school with my classmates in computer class when we were kids, I loved playing this game

  6. For the paintbrush part, I always liked the bubbly kind of pattern. I also used to just click and hold the mouse button on the paintbrush, and it would fill the entire picture in with whatever color or pattern I chose. I LOVED doing it that way! I also didn't really know what zebra stripes looked like back then, but I especially loved the blue eyeball pattern as well. When painting the princess, I'd like to see how she would like her face being painted with EYEBALLS! XD Then we'll see how "beautiful" she looks then! Oh my gosh, I bet I would be just about rolling on the floor LAUGHING if I did that! Well, at least in my head, I would. Meh, what can I say? Back when I was about 6 or 7, to me, just saying the word "eyeballs" made me laugh!

  7. Thanks so much for posting these! My computer system, sadly, is too fast, new and recent to run such an old game like this. I've only gotten an extreme few PC games for Windows (Hoyle Puzzle and Board games, Hoyle Kids games and Dinosaur Adventure 3D), to successfully run on my laptop without any glitches, because of my current system being too fast and recent, as well as up to date. Man I wish they could make the software compatible with Windows 7.


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