PEEP or BLEEP – an Easter PEEPS game with POPS


Happy Easter! I mean… Hoppy PEEPSter! For some reason, I think it’s hilarious to make my dad eat a bunch of Peeps.. and this time, it’s his 60th BIRTHDAY! So I made up a fun little Peeps-inspired game…

Watch the Peeps taste test I did with my KGW coworkers:

And watch the time I got Dad to play Peeps Chubby Bunny:

Shot on Canon G7x:

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  1. Watching this made me SO glad my niece didn't talk me into getting Peeps again this year 😂😂😂

    This was absolutely hysterical. And yes I retweeted this video BEFORE watching it because that's how much I enjoy your videos…..or I just got lucky 😛😂😛😂😛😂

  2. The dogs. Just napping away in the background and ignoring everything going on…until the Peeps are opened. lol

    My wife, she loves Peeps. She runs a Peeps ranch so they can age before eating. Peeps are disgusting…but you and your dad–GOLDEN! Happy Birthday, Dan, welcome to the 60s…again!


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