Procedural City Generator for Unreal Engine – Workflow Demo 2

Hi everyone, I’m super excited to the latest workflow demo with the community – PCG has reached MVP status! Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have contributed to this in one way or another 🙂

Features shown in this video:
-Create individual cities via the unified UI
-Define your city’s limits and number of road connectors (round abouts)
-Quickly lay out your City Zones (dropdown auto populates with all available zones – including custom zones!)
-Generate a random road network based on road presets – each network consists of main, minor, and side roads!
-Spawn your buildings based on the City Zone parameters
-Spawn fixed (equally spaced) and random props along the roads – zone-based as well
-Spawn foliage along the roads, as well as define volume and spline areas for foliage around the city
-Everything is editable and you can modify your city as you create it – Don’t like something? delete it and regenerate it easily
-Full support for building interiors – props spawn on Player proximity
-Customize your interiors by defining static, interactive, and random props to spawn – per floor!
-Random spawning is seed-based to allow for the same random city to remain consistent over play sessions
-Buildings also support seed-based random materials – this allows you to reuse your building meshes while adding variety
-Procedural Elevator BP – allows you to quickly setup an elevator for any size building in seconds

Performance measures:
-Support for Mega CIties via easy Level Streaming setup (divide the city into sections for the sublevels and auto load neighbors)
-Easily define max draw distance for buildings, props, and foliage via the UI
-Option to disable collision on buildings when far from Player
-Easy HLOD support

-Drivable car BP with music player and compass
-Simple Helicopter BP to fly around your city

Not Shown:
-Support for multiple cities connected via highways
-Apex Destruction for buildings
-Subway System – allows you to quickly teleport around the city based on subway line and connections

Full Roadmap of upcoming features, such as
-Support for landscape modification
-Full support for sidewalk “islands”
-Overall road improvements


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