Procedural City Generator for Unreal Engine – Workflow Demo 2


Hi everyone, I’m super excited to the latest workflow demo with the community – PCG has reached MVP status! Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who have contributed to this in one way or another 🙂

Features shown in this video:
-Create individual cities via the unified UI
-Define your city’s limits and number of road connectors (round abouts)
-Quickly lay out your City Zones (dropdown auto populates with all available zones – including custom zones!)
-Generate a random road network based on road presets – each network consists of main, minor, and side roads!
-Spawn your buildings based on the City Zone parameters
-Spawn fixed (equally spaced) and random props along the roads – zone-based as well
-Spawn foliage along the roads, as well as define volume and spline areas for foliage around the city
-Everything is editable and you can modify your city as you create it – Don’t like something? delete it and regenerate it easily
-Full support for building interiors – props spawn on Player proximity
-Customize your interiors by defining static, interactive, and random props to spawn – per floor!
-Random spawning is seed-based to allow for the same random city to remain consistent over play sessions
-Buildings also support seed-based random materials – this allows you to reuse your building meshes while adding variety
-Procedural Elevator BP – allows you to quickly setup an elevator for any size building in seconds

Performance measures:
-Support for Mega CIties via easy Level Streaming setup (divide the city into sections for the sublevels and auto load neighbors)
-Easily define max draw distance for buildings, props, and foliage via the UI
-Option to disable collision on buildings when far from Player
-Easy HLOD support

-Drivable car BP with music player and compass
-Simple Helicopter BP to fly around your city

Not Shown:
-Support for multiple cities connected via highways
-Apex Destruction for buildings
-Subway System – allows you to quickly teleport around the city based on subway line and connections

Full Roadmap of upcoming features, such as
-Support for landscape modification
-Full support for sidewalk “islands”
-Overall road improvements


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  1. Would be cool to see real size cities in a game, like gta mixed with the crew, but fully explorable.

  2. When will it be released? In addition, you can add elevation data
    Function [OSM], like
    Cityengine, can obtain city data from geographic websites and automatically create cities based on existing models

  3. looks good, and the city planning part is really what i need with the world building i need to do too. i was dreading that part… question on the buildings/roads, are those part of the pack or can it use other assets? i ask because the style i'm going for is not that style, it neo tech and grunge and super clean future…

  4. Hey Nice! You mentioned you will release this fairly soon.. but what does this mean? 6 Months, a year, one and a half.. I am looking forward to it, because we are currently stuck on working with City Engine on a project, which requires alot of cleaning up after.. and this looks as if it's more stable because it's contained in Unreal itself

  5. This is awesome I got one question though how do you have all the buildings rendered and not chug? Or are they LODed down so much or maybe not even loaded that it doesn't impact performance. Sometimes when I place just a few hundred foilage items I get lightmap areas and what not. Just wondering how do you handle that.

  6. will you be able to change the city density of your city with this tool? Like with less spacing between buildings.

  7. This is really good! I'm going to most likely buy, regardless of price. By any chance can a spawned asset be traded for another (a custom bed blueprint spawns where beds would be for example) and will there be a claim function (unless invited or you have a key, certain areas cant be entered and you can buy houses)

  8. I actually don't know what to say… I'm blown away!
    I have a few questions if you get the time.
    Is this publicly available?
    How does it go adding this to a pre existing terrain that is not flat?
    Is the city terrain editable? I.e. grass
    Can doors & windows be broken?

    I only ask because I'm making a survival game as a little side project for some fun for myself and friends and my subs to play if I get it to a playable level


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