Quaza Contemplates: Dredgers!


Dredgers on Steam:
Dredgers is an indie roguelike dungeon crawler where you can mix and match 30 races and many classes and subclasses to hack your way through the procedurally generated dungeon.

Quaza Contemplates is a series where I check out games, usually blind, and give my first impressions and thoughts. Sometimes these reviews turn into full playthroughs/their own series.

Hi, I’m Rawrquaza, and I upload varied video game content with a preference toward roguelikes and indie titles, as well as some AAA games.
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  1. my lord, that charm build it's fking amazing once you get it out the ground. you just need to pick seducer and not bother anymore about any enemy.

  2. This…doesn't seem that complex, probably in line with something like Chronicon. Interesting how it looks like a traditional roguelike but is actually a twin stick shooter of sorts. Saw two typos in the first 10 minutes – a lack of attention to detail is normally a red flag for me.
    Otherwise I like the idea of choosing from a few skills on each level up instead of having to organize/plan ahead in an ENTIRE giant skill tree like a lot of RPGs. Almost feels deckbuildery like that where you choose from 1 of 3 or 4 things each time.

  3. I get some Celebration of Violence vibes from this game, but with WAAAY more depth. I wonder if you can just smash doors down if you have enough strength in this game?

  4. Looks like this game is super fun and has great potential but still needs a lot of fine tuning.
    I'll probably buy it next month.^^

  5. I picked this game up after seeing you play it on stream the other day. It's super cool and I would also recommend it to anyone who likes skill trees and class based rpgs

  6. Ok so after watching for like 15 minutes (Don't want to watch more since i don't want to spoil the game for me) i got to say i have VERY mixed feelings on this game i love the way this game looks and the gameplay looks fun…….however it looks like it may suffer from something i have never been a fan of in RPGs based off what i am seeing my guess is the game has level scaling and here is the thing…..I hate level scaling for a game like this i mean i get why it maybe a thing. But to me level scaling just makes leveling feel less rewarding and hell sometimes makes you wish you had never leveled at all since sometimes it makes the game harder! For me leveling means i get stronger and my foes get weaker. It's like Syndrome said in the incredibles "if everyone is super no one is will be".
    Anyway yeah if am wrong great but i get the feeling I'm not.


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