Rascal – Caddicarus


oh god no

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  1. I remember the PS1 game called Rascal. I played it when I was younger and I thought it was enjoyable but it's not very good as the other Psygnosis games such as Lemmings and Wipeout. Its controls are kinda very awkward.

    I remember the castle 🏰 called Castle Hacklott appears as a medieval castle in the past where in the present day, it has become a museum.

    Anyway greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪

  2. 0:56 So I just translated the last bit and the orange text reads:
    “Made with love from the Secret House of ‘Cyoar’. Enjoy it, you f****ng cooper.”

  3. Fun fact: the developers wanted this game to control like Super Mario 64. The publishers wanted it to control like Tomb Raider. Guess who won that one

  4. "What was the point of the boss battle if there was no reason to fight the boss battle?" – Caddickinyourarse, 2015

  5. "The game's dorky, preteen character is about as easy to steer as it is to keep the Titanic from sinking." – George Wood

    That belongs on the box.

  6. SCP-2125. Object class: safe. Is a white oak with vines that strangles human males that are underneath its branches.

  7. He seems to have used that things up business man about 2000 times by now hasn't he? Who even is that actor?

  8. Rascal is to my gaming nemesis, I’ve only played the demo yet I still consider it the worst game I’ve played.

  9. If this game used directional controls instead of rotational controls, maybe this game would've been half decent. But NO. Psygnosis thought Tomb Raider was too successful to not butcher the controls for Rascal and take away the controls it was DESIGNED for. Thanks Psygnosis.

  10. Rascal is actually the product of a clash between an ambitious programmer who was more focused on Sonic R(a game with… mixed reception, but technically impressive for Saturn) and executive meddling forcing the game to have controls it wasn't designed to have cause Tomb Raider made tank controls popular.


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