Replacing Game Boy Advance Cartridge Battery (solderless)

A Tutorial on how to replace the battery for your GBA cartridge. (Originally uploaded in January of 2012)

Pokemon Ruby / Pokemon Sapphire / Pokemon Emerald
And other games contain a CR2016/1616 lithium battery.
In the Pokemon games, the battery is required for any clock-based events to occur (e.g. growing berries, daily lottery).

This video will show you how to replace the dead battery with a new one using simple tools. No soldering is required.

– Tri-wing Screw driver to open the cartridge
– new CR1616 or CR2016 battery to put in
**(CR2025 may fit in the case too, but CR2032 is too large)
– Knife or some kind of flat-head to help remove the old battery
– Abrasives (optional)
– Tape (optional)

CR2016 Batteries:
Tri-wing screw driver:
Other tools:


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