Replacing Game Boy Advance Cartridge Battery (solderless)


A Tutorial on how to replace the battery for your GBA cartridge. (Originally uploaded in January of 2012)

Pokemon Ruby / Pokemon Sapphire / Pokemon Emerald
And other games contain a CR2016/1616 lithium battery.
In the Pokemon games, the battery is required for any clock-based events to occur (e.g. growing berries, daily lottery).

This video will show you how to replace the dead battery with a new one using simple tools. No soldering is required.

– Tri-wing Screw driver to open the cartridge
– new CR1616 or CR2016 battery to put in
**(CR2025 may fit in the case too, but CR2032 is too large)
– Knife or some kind of flat-head to help remove the old battery
– Abrasives (optional)
– Tape (optional)

CR2016 Batteries:
Tri-wing screw driver:
Other tools:


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  1. I have a soldering Iron, but I'm not really excited about using it on a game that coast me ~$40 pre-owned, I'll probably just undo the soldering with my soldering iron then bend the prongs like you did.

  2. Thanks mate just tried this. I used CR2016 battery. I think the cellotape made it worse. I just put the battery in on its own, and the cartridge held it in place. I also shook the cartridge to see if the battery would move out of place. It stayed and hopefully will stay there. I did this for my sapphire and emerald versions. The hardest part as u said was removing the old battery from the probes. They were annoying, I finally got them off my sapphire, and proceeded on to emerald, but got impatient, so I got the battery out quicker but I cut myself 🙁 but my game is now working! Hopefully the battery holds its place, and thanks this video helped me out.

  3. Dude do I need to start a new game after changing the battery for the game to go back to normal? I mean the time-based events.

  4. Thanks. I don't want a soldering tool anywhere near my game. I remember using this method for Gold & Silver cartridges about 10 years ago. It was awful, but worth it.

  5. for some reason, if i try putting the baterry, the game wont progress from the gameboy nintendo (r) screen, if theres no battery at all , the game plays normally , help anyone?

  6. great vid! i got scared on the bottom part (closer to the board) so i just cut metal flap thingy closest to the first solder with nail scissors, et voila!

  7. "AHHHH, IT HURTS!!!" That's what your pokemon sapphire is screaming, as you put a knife in its battery. Someone get this man a sodering iron plz, it hurts to know that the battery is like that.

  8. Thank you so much! Worked in the first try! I was frustrated in begging, most tutorials required complex tools. You made it simple and easy.

  9. Hello I'm kind of new to this battery thing on gameboy games and i want to know: Replacing the battery makes you lose your save file? I know this will sound stupid to some people but I actually don't know about this -.-

    I hope someone answer my question

  10. Not that you care at this point. The tabs are NOT GLUED NOT SOLDERED. They are SPOT welded. You didn't point out that a SHORT can be easily caused by the upper connector touching the side of the battery. This can cause failure. The Original Battery had an Insulator around the edge to protect from a Short. The red "Thing" around the edge of the battery is a Plastic Insulator.

  11. If I were to remove the battery and not replace said battery, would the game still be able to run at all? Would I be able to save my progress?

  12. My mom and I could try that to my two Pokémon Emeralds, but it's a risk that we might damage them… 🙁

  13. All I would add is to not allow the strips that contact the battery to contact any of the pins on the chip below. Doing so could create a short to either battery+ or a short to ground! Could fry the thing if you're not careful.

  14. Instructions unclear, am now using original GBA with stockpile of AA batteries as sleep mode saving host for Metroid Zero Mission.

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm planning on shiny hunting the legendaries in Sapphire and it's far more difficult with a dry battery.


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