Ring on a String Hook it Game Easy DIY


Ring On A String Hook It Game from Bimini. Easy DIY How to make project. All you need is 2 plastic conduit clamp brackets, a 7/8 dowel, a hook, eye, a 2 inch brass ring and some fishing line. Total cost is under $10.00. Great outdoor yard game for kids of all ages. To get the ring onto the hook is not quite as easy as it looks and takes a little skill and a lot of practice.
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  1. What an idiot- The string needs to be exactly lined up with the hook. His fancy little conduit idea is 2" to the side of the hook so a guy is always going to be coming in on an angle when he launches the ring. Sir please take down this video

  2. Why the fishing line? Does it not stretch? I just set up the ring game in my basement and am having a hell of a time keeping the string length right. My nylon string seems to be stretching out after a few dozen throws.

  3. The hook on mine is 63 inches off the ground. The dowel starts at 85 inches off the ground and angles up to 90 inches @ the eye. The most important part is ring should be at a comfortable height for the toss and ring should not hit the 4×4 on a swing. Ring should only be able to hit of hook onto the hook. Some screw in hooks are just to short. That is why I added a piece of wood that moves the hook out an inch off the 4×4. I made mine decorative in shape of a fish

  4. What is high the from the floor to the hook? How far apart from the 4×4 to the eye lid? How tall is the stick from the floor
    Thank you


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