Saint Seiya: Awakening – The 5th SS Saint God of Death: Thanatos! Leaked from Test server! AShaka RC


In this video I show leaked from test server version of Thanatos and arayashiki shaka repair cloth
This is just a video from test server, it’s probably different after release, and I don’t own the video

Video source:
– thanatos skill and pve
– thanathos pvp
– arayashaka 1
– arayashaka 2

song: (sorry if it bad, just mute it if you don’t like)
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  1. When i see this things i think Tencent only create unbalanced characters to the players spend money to get it and dont care for the balance of the game and that leads to a bored game with the same estrategies and characters for everybody

  2. I think rc saga is still better then rc shaka because saga doesn't need to meet conditions while shaka has to in order for his new skills to work

  3. Arewzo, how are you my friend? I really enjoy your videos and the advices you give, they are the best. I just got Athena and I upgraded her 1445 and I have 26 tomes for shiryu 4515, I saved books and I skip the previous banners, I think I'll start saving again for Hypnos and Thanatos, what do you think? is it a good idea? I saw a video where you say hypnos was the best SS for you.

  4. In that last passive, is it triggered by round or by turn? I mean, if Myu move three time via Underworld Shun, is that mean that Myu will take the damage in the next round?

  5. Thanatos seems pretty good. Arashaka too but the problem is that with Thanatos in game, most aoe will be hard hard countered and so do the new RC Arashaka.

  6. Arewzo at 10:50, he can stack up with luna but in that clip when he attacked he got a debuff from ice boys so he lost the extra luna turn


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