Secret Love (2010)

“Who was it that you really loved?” Yeon spends her days nursing her husband Jin-woo, who falls into a coma from an accident. Hoping her husband will wake up one day, Yeon’s everyday life is dull and insipid. One day, Jin-ho, Jin-woo’s younger brother, returns from a long trip abroad. Seeing him for the first time, Yeon is shocked to realize that Jin-ho is Jin-woo’s identical twin brother. Yeon, confused by Jin-ho’s identical looks with her husband, and Jin-ho, unable to resist his feeling towards his brother’s wife, start a passionate and dangerous affair. The film presents a unique point of view of love with refined color, stylish/fashionable wardrobes, and bold love scenes within picturesque scenery. These ingredients will mix and match to contrast the three characters’ different journeys for love.


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