Secret Love (2010)


“Who was it that you really loved?” Yeon spends her days nursing her husband Jin-woo, who falls into a coma from an accident. Hoping her husband will wake up one day, Yeon’s everyday life is dull and insipid. One day, Jin-ho, Jin-woo’s younger brother, returns from a long trip abroad. Seeing him for the first time, Yeon is shocked to realize that Jin-ho is Jin-woo’s identical twin brother. Yeon, confused by Jin-ho’s identical looks with her husband, and Jin-ho, unable to resist his feeling towards his brother’s wife, start a passionate and dangerous affair. The film presents a unique point of view of love with refined color, stylish/fashionable wardrobes, and bold love scenes within picturesque scenery. These ingredients will mix and match to contrast the three characters’ different journeys for love.


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    මක්නිසාද යමෙකුගේ දරුවන් පරම පරමයට සාපේක්ෂව සුදුමැලි පරාවර්තනයකි

  2. This movie was mesmerising! The cinematography, the storyline and sexual tension in this film keep you on the edge of your seat. Be prepared to cry with this movie, it really strikes a nerve because everyone can relate to the pain of unrequited love. Beautiful from start to finish and excellent acting. The full movie is available to watch free on Tubi – you need to register to watch it.


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