Sega Saturn Longplay [016] Scorcher


Played by: Eino

Quite nice racing game in the spirit of Trailblazer and Wipeout. Hard though to race flawlessly even after memorizing the tracks. I played on easy difficulty since this was the first time playing this game. Apparently record times are not registered to high scoer table unless you play on normal or hard and there might’ve been some sort of an ending screen as well. Difficulty only determines time limits and looking at how much spare time there was on each track I should’ve chosen normal difficulty, oh well…

Game slows down at times, especially in last tracks. I assume slowdowns to be caused by game / emu. My computer is getting old, but it should be able to handle a small game like this. Short lived loss of textures can be noticed once a while. Music sounds a bit distorted, it still sounds like that even if you decrease volume from emu.

Also released for PC supporting resolution up to 640×480.

02:13 Track 1 – The Dump:
03:59 Track 2 – The Suburps
07:19 Track 3 – Tunnels
11:56 Track 4 – Radioactive Waste
15:40 Track 5 – Downtown
19:43 Track 6 – The Spiral


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  1. Good graphics (considering it’s Saturn) I think towards late 97-98 decent developers we’re starting to get results from the system – think the developers who did this done that really impressive tech demo for 32X

  2. Easily one of the hardest, most frustrating games ever designed. I gave up on it it was so difficult to keep your "car" on the track.

  3. Zyrinx really made some good games that pushed each console they made a game in to their limits.

  4. ich spiel das Spiel heute noch hab es auch für die saturn, wird immer mehr eine seltenheit und hat bald viel wert mal

  5. Me gusta Scorcher, las pistas tienen tantos obstáculos que saltar y esquivar que parece un plataformas con velocidad, no es el típico juego de carreras en que presionas el acelerador y es todo…
    La música me gusta mucho, lástima que las pistas no fueran más variadas en cuanto al color…
    Gracias por el gameplay.

  6. Part of me wants to get this game, but seeing as how many times you fall off the track, I'll probably just throw my controller at the TV.

  7. Imagine the green vehicle was actually light blue with a little bit red. Imagine for a second that this were part of a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Maybe the bonus level. Sonic on a constant spindash collecting rings and avoiding damage! How cool would that have been?

  8. i just got this game yesterday disc only. was wondering what the hell it was. cuz it didnt come with the box art. looks pretty cool.

  9. Как Zyrinx могли выпустить такое говно после Red zone и Sub terrania, это просто пиздец что с творчеством делает популярность и жажда наживы…


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