[SFM] – We will rock you [Stvs Server Music Video]

[Last Description Update] – 06/23/2014 (for *Murricans) 23/06/2014 (for Europeans)
Here’s a few thing I’d like to say about this disgusting shit:
First of all, this took about a month to make or more, had to sacrifice a big pile of homework which I’m currently focused on, I wanna thank you all for being patient unless you’ve forgotten about the last update where I warned you about a music video I was working on.
This video took so long to make also because of the obvious EXTREME LAGS MAKING ME BLEED FROM MY EARS TO MY ASSHOLE and I feel like this computer could die any day, unless it just needs to be restored… I’ll try to ask for help otherwise.
I also kinda felt bad because I saw someone already made a music video about this song but some people told me to remake it and told me it was ok, because I made this related to Steveh’s and I made it in own my style afterall, right? I’m really sorry sayiliromer, I hope you’re ok with this.

The Dash by Mark
Original Femscout from ayesdyef remade by Mark
New Saxton Hale Model from lmach1
Femspy (she’s invisible for some reason), Administrator, Miss Pauling from Rebbacus

More gun
Meet the Sniper theme
Vagineer song
Millionaire’s holiday
Blue Wrath – I Monster
The Impossible Game – Level 1
Demopan Theme
We will rock you – Queen

Catboose as The Spy
Fancy Mann Tango as The Engineer
Gaylord McButtFock ||| as The Sniper
Anarchy Steven as The Soldier
Femscout as me
CookieMonstah as The Demoman
TheClaudioAmericano as The Heavy
Fluffypaws, The Fluffy Pawd as The Fempyro
Djej god of pans as The Medic
iPyro as The Dash


Steveh’s Group:

Special thanks to:
Martin Gustavsson for supporting and making me laugh with skype calls to make the work less painful, adding parrticles and lights which I couldn’t do because fuck my pc, and editing music in sony vegas

Thanks for watching and reading my bad grammar.

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