– Level 13 & Tier 4 FULL PRODUCTION LINES – Factorio Inspired Minimalist, Let's Play, Ep 5


Inspired by Factorio, has some unique and fun game mechanics: let’s check them out! Buy on
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A huge thank you to Tobias Springer for providing me with a game key!


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About is a game about building factories to automate the creation and combination of shapes. Deliver the requested, increasingly complex shapes to progress within the game and unlock upgrades to speed up your factory.

Since the demand raises you will have to scale up your factory to fit the needs – Don’t forget about resources though, you will have to expand in the infinite map!

Since shapes can get boring soon you need to mix colors and paint your shapes with it – Combine red, green and blue color resources to produce different colors and paint shapes with it to satisfy the demand.

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  1. I scrolled way far off from the HUB plopped down my blueprints – labeled it as such and cordoned it off with some belts.
    It's my "blueprint library" 😛 This game is super chill and fun.

  2. I have spent too much time this week trying to find ways to call things "undergroundies". My wife thinks I'm crazy.

  3. Ok so I'm playing the demo version, right? So I'm only playing on a tab. I've had my computer open for so long I have gotten over 333k regular circles… but the thing is… I only get 288 circles a minute…
    I did the math… It's been running for over 19 hours. Damn

  4. Tip for anyone who is like me and doesn't like a lot of wasted space: If you use the variations of the painters, you can get them back to back and save yourself some space.

  5. Ever heard of Minedustry? It has some different options for routing which is nice, and focuses on combining the factory style with tower defense.

  6. darn, now i have to wait for next levels .. got the free version, feels very smooth.
    Wonder how it will be at hgher levels. What is max level? Roadmap? Limits in free version … so many q .. so little time to find out.

  7. At least, unlike Factorio, the entire production does not come to a complete stop if a 7 million copper patch has 1 stone ore in it. But really, check your belts are actually running before zooming out.

  8. I dont know if anyone has told you this, but you sound like the female couter part of this other YouTuber called Lathland

    Both of you have very similar intro and outro as well as you both speak vary similar.

    please tell me if anyone has asked befor I would like to know.

    edit- or is there more that meats the eye?????. or its just a coincidence.

  9. Hey Katherine, I think you should focus on the belt upgrade more than anything else, as that is always the limiting aspect here. You can always add more producers and miners to fully saturate the belts.

  10. You might've fixed this already by the time you read this, but there's two belts missing feeding the white paint mixers. The two rightmost units are missing a belt feeding them the red.
    Doesn't seem to be actually causing any problems, though, the white is plenty fast enough to feed what needs it even without those.

  11. you have such a nice voice to listen to. great video. only thing I see that annoys me, but is no real criticism, is that you don't have balanced splitters, which causes your last stations to receive less materials than your first stations. since your output is ok it doesn't really matter anyhow 😀

  12. Ideas for a minor improvement. Take the magenta circles north of the green patch and then into the left most input on the top of the hub. then you can feed the yellow circles on red stars on the top most input of the left of the hub. Or, feed the blueprint shape in to the hub one port down, then shift the white circle on magenta squares down one port, and feed the yellow circle on red star into the second from the top port on the left side of the hub.

  13. at 17:34, if you point that last extractor to the right (into the other extractors) you won't need a merger. chain extractors can take input from multiple faces at once.

  14. 14:39 I ended up making all my blueprints such that the inputs all came from the same side, and outputs went back to that side. This let me make miniature Factorio-style busses for each shape I wanted to put together and just toss the blueprints along the side of that, with each mini-bus creating a larger full basic-resources-to-finished-shape blueprint with a well defined location to feed in all the inputs.

  15. at 7:44 there is a place where youve put a producing green into a blank producer, this does not work.

  16. One thing that I noticed is that when you use the splitter, it tries to divide the shapes evenly between the two exit belts, but if the belt it's trying to put it onto is full, there's a delay before it puts it onto the other belt, thus it is actually slower to have them linked one after another than it is to divide evenly beforehand… aka when going into 4, it's best to divide by 2, then divide each of those by 2 and have those 4 meet up with the 4 slots
    But what do I know, you can always test it out and prove me wrong… all I've been doing was playing the demo, and it only lets you get to level 17

  17. Hello KOS,

    You probably already know this but there is an option in the game called multi-place so you don't have to hold shift. Also love the videos.

  18. I don't even like that kind of games but the soft music and your voice are very soothing, so I'm watching the whole series of videos about it 😂

  19. You didn't really need the extra belt of grey stars… the green labels on the upgrades screen signify that you've satisfied the requirements. Grey progress bars for stuff you need. You can free up hub inputs (or use them to double the input for the stuff you actually need). Great series, btw. I got to level 11 before I started watching. I ended up deleting my entire base to rework it for blueprints. 😅Also, I haven't seen you look at the graph screen yet? Nice displays for showing your production numbers (u/m for produced, delivered and stored).

  20. 21:57
    i just realized, from my comment on the previous video, you can still see at the bottom of the screen that red color isn't connected to the two machines on the right


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