Skulk Hollow – How To Play


In this video we’re going to learn how to play Skulk Hollow! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the Youtube comments below.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – Game Setup
03:15 – Game Play Overview
03:50 – Foxen Heroes Action Phase
03:55 – Action: Play A Card
04:44 – Playing an Order
04:58 – Action: Move
05:44 – Action: Gain Power
06:25 – Action: Leap
08:29 – Action: Melee
09:15 – Action: Missile Attack
10:14 – Action: Prepare
10:47 – Action: Use Power Cubes
11:40 – Foxen Heroes Cleanup Phase
11:46 – Allocating Power
12:05 – Refill Hands
12:20 – Guardian’s Turn
13:01 – Guardian Actions
13:51 – Guardian Win Conditions
14:37 – Eliminating Heroes’ Leader
15:25 – Game End Conditions
15:47 – Ancient Relic Tokens
16:02 – Conclusion

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  1. After reading the rulebook there rised some more questions, which I hope you can help me with.
    1. The rulebook says: "Each unit card stays in play until that hero unit is eliminated. When that happens, the unit card is discarded and the hero figure is returned to the supply."
    So does that mean, that the hero unit can be used again if you have drawn all cards from the hero deck, you have to shuffle the discard pile and use it as the new hero deck? or is the eliminated hero removed completly from the game and his card also?

    2. is the prince of guile also able to recall the eliminated heros?

    3. when the command ability is used of the princess of tactics, how is it to be used? I understood the condition with the banded hero, but how to move because a hero himself cannot move without the card. and it says or any available action maybe you can clarify.

    4. if I use Grak´s stomp ability, I can move the hero units to different ground spaces. Is it allowed to scatter the hero units to different ground spaaces but to leave the leader on the same ground space as Grak?

    5. In regards to Apoda regarding sizzle: Is the missile attack also not allowed for the sentinel (the hurl action)? and the dash ability is also not available but the normal leap is?

    6. With regards to Tanthos: When it comes to the pull ability, where does the hero unit to be? next to the surrounding ground space from Thanthos or from a root token?

    A lot of questions, sorry for that 😬😬

  2. Thx for the explanation. In the rulebook there is a difference between neighbouring and surrounding space. I dont get it. Could anyone please explain?

  3. I'm sure someonbe's asked, but I can't find where. Do you havve details on the table you use? Is it a custom build? If so, where can I pick up plans?

  4. Now that's some good art (reminds me of that Robin Hood cartoon), and even better tutorial Rodney, well done.

  5. I want to see an outtakes video where Rodney fails to catch the flipped boxes of various games or catches them the wrong way up.

    (Unless no outtakes exist because Rodney is THAT GOOD)

  6. Heeeey this is pretty cool. Dang it Rodney you have done it again. You have showed me a game I didn't know I needed in my life!

  7. Usch an interesting and fun-looking game. I've seen many unboxings and followed it a bit on Edo's channel. Such cool and appealing components! Thanks for the wonderful instructional, as only you can do it.

  8. Really imaginative game!!! I can see this being a lot of fun to play, I am going to show this to my wife and see what she thinks. She may just be interested in getting it!

  9. Played this at Shux 19. Just awesome, and the mutlitple colossus/leaders mean lots of replay ability. 100% going to pick this one up soon.

  10. Really enjoying this game! Pencil First has a hit on their hands! I can’t wait to see more for this one!

  11. Another great video! You've gotten me into Star Wars Legion, Warparty, and now this! I also link your Zombicide videos to anyone who will listen. 🤣

  12. I really like this game. I hope they release expansions in the future that would increase the number of players.

  13. This game seems fun and adorable! Thanks for the video, some games lately haven’t been to interesting to me

  14. Thanks for doing this vid Rodney, this game is definitely going on my top 10 games of the year, we had a lot of fun with this one. Had a very Robin Hood (fox edition) vibe to it.

  15. … We are the prey nein we are the hunters… sorry my first thought feels… Shadow of Colossus except with a cartoon animal feel? Or Attack on Titan with plenty of fluffy foxes, depends

    … now I will be here hitting myself over Foxgirl Mikasa and Foxboy Eren

  16. So, not related to the video at all, but apparently Rodney is a character in Dead of Winter. He can apprehend zombies. What are you doing with them, Mr. Smith?


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