Snowball Fight | PC | Gameplay


Snowball Fight / SnowCraft (PC)
SO/OS: Windows 7 (64-Bit)
Desarrollador/Developer: Nicholson NY
Distribuidor/Publisher: Nicholson NY
Lanzamiento/Launch: 1998
Idioma/Language: Textos (No hay) Voces (No hay)
Otros: Flash. Ports (iOS)


Uno de los grandes clásicos de internet. Una felicitación de navidad para amigos y clientes que se hizo viral allá por 1998, llegando a ser jugado por más de 30 millones de usuarios.

Originalmente fue llamado Snowball Fight (SBFight) pero posteriormente se empezó a conocer como SnowCraft. Esta es la versión original (la que yo jugué infinidad de veces), en su página web tenéis una versión más completa con un final y mejor IA. También fue portado oficialmente a iOS. Existen algunos clones en Android pero nada oficial.


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  1. Brings back fun memories! Hey, I still want to play this game and want to know if its available for android 🥰 snort

  2. I never actually played this game, but I recognise a lot of the sound effects. The new level sound effect is used in Qbeez and the throw sound is used in (or at least used to be used in) ROBLOX.

  3. Disturbing for someone to be so talented at this. I know an ex-cop in his late 50’s that chuckles like a 12 year old when you bring up this game. His face shows that he still wants to play it again. Simple. Stupid. Fun.

  4. Hello and what a great game. Well I downloaded the free version and it opens in a small screen, how can I enlarge it to full screen?

  5. this takes me back to those days, im glad its still online(even though its on some random website now). one thing is do miss is yahoo games 🙁

  6. Oh god, when I was a kid I didn’t realize that the other children’s clothes had simply been knocked off… I thought that their body parts had gone flying everywhere and were spread around them. I knew I wasn’t remembering it right!


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