SnowRunner: Is The International Transtar ANY GOOD? + Paystar BUILD!!


SnowRunner: Is The International Transtar ANY GOOD? + Paystar BUILD!! | TC9700Gaming
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Welcome back to another episode of our SnowRunner let’s play!! This time, we’re going to be checking out the International Transtar to see if it’s any good. We’ll also be building a Paystar! #snowrunner #tc9700gaming

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  1. This is my favorite cabover in game just sucks Alaska is only place I can really use allmy rwd cabovers wit chains

  2. I used the transtar once. It got the bik high saddle across the dam. Very tight turn. I used the P16 to get it there and figured it couldn't make the tight turn.

  3. They should delete the colour pink from this game FFS. You 13 year old's GTA online tools need to stop requesting it….

  4. One time I made a road Train with the ank mk38 with 2 sideboard trailers and I didn’t look back until I got to my destination and one of them wasn’t there so I brought a scout so see where it fell off and it was underground

  5. Should put a saddle on there and tow a semi trailer and u want to lift them over the front because when u pick up the barrels on the side the stabilizer will sink in the mud

  6. Someone actually managed to find the "tire grip factor" in the files. Here's a really useful link for those who want the best possible tires for dirt/mud So buying the most expensive tires isn't the best option. Kinda wished they gave more info on this instead of just "Excellent" . Like MSH II mudtires are a lot better than MSH I and slightly better ( but noticeable ) than MSH III and IV.

  7. Hahah and funny thing is, I also used the Transtar for that same Oil Drum Rescue Mission. I used it equipped with the Heavy Crane to get the Drums to a Truck not as close to the Water. Can't believe you tried that with just one Truck!

  8. I used the Transtar to deliver the Construction Module Trailer from Drummond Island, to the site on Smithville Dam. Only needed help a couple times, when the Trailer got high centered.

  9. If you put the highway gearbox on the Transtar you can drag race it as one of the fastest drag trucks but my ANK MK38 is faster


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