Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 | Full Gameplay/Playthrough | No Commentary [PC,PS3,X360] (60FPS)


Hey everybody, this is my full playthrough for The For Unleashed 1, running on the PC. This is the full single player campaign with no added commentary.

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This is my own edited playthrough to streamline everything as much as possible, removing any deaths, loading times, my own play style, etc. I place value on the high quality of my videos as I use one of the best capture cards on the market.

If you want to use some footage for a review, retrospective or anything inbetween then feel free. No need to ask! All I ask in return is some credit somewhere in the video/description, and please don’t re-upload my videos to your own channel otherwise I will get them taken down. Thanks!

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  1. My laptop has two Intel core 7's and 4gb of ram, do you think I would be able to run it at 60 fps on it? Or maybe 40?

  2. I remember how when I was little I couldn’t manage to pull the Star Destroyer down and got mad when I could see the Death Star on level select and just mashed my “X” button in frustration on it and it somehow worked and let me go to the Death Star without having beat Imperial Raxus Prime. Later I was able to beat it though!

  3. 47:00 still don’t understand why this man star killer decided to ware 3 more layers of clothes on a planet that looks hot asf but it looks so badass I give it a pass

  4. Damn i miss this game, I acutely like this game more than the other star wars game that has been ever been created.

  5. I remember playing this for the first time and thinking the graphics were amazing and very realistic. Everyone was talking about how great the graphics were.

    Lol now I look at them and I’m like “eh graphics are okay”
    Still one of the best Star Wars games I’ve ever played. And the second one too. Loved it, good Xbox 360 memories

  6. Came to see how to fuck you do that star destroyer mission at 2:52:00. very good and informative video, helped me destroy a star destroyer.

  7. There could be canon remaster if they'd lower Starkillers power level, make him powerful but not to that extreme and make him an Inquisitor. That'd be cool imo.


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