StarFlyers – Royal Jewel Rescue (2002)


Katherine Diane Cadell is no ordinary girl with an extraordinary imagination. When Mom’s Jewelry was lost, She becomes Katie Cadet, the greatest Star Pilot in the galaxy. She is part of her best friend AJ The Super Spinner, Klanker, a loveable energized robot made of steel, and IO, her loyal fire breathing flying dragon dog. The player must solve 8 brain-tickling games to help Katie and the StarFlyers rescue the Royal Jewels.

IN SEARCH OF THE ROYAL JEWELS Coming down the stairs of her home, Katherine Cadell has her arms full with a big bowl of popcorn and her mom’s jewelry box. Suddenly, Katherine trips. An earring and a bracelet fall into the fish tank. Another earring plunges into a mug of hot chocolate. And a pearl necklace breaks into pieces, which scatter all over the house. To make matters worse, a ring rolls out the door, and Victor Wexler, the neighborhood bully, skates off with it to the bowling alley. That’s when Katherine enters the fantasy land of her imagination and becomes Katie Cadet, fearless leader of the StarFlyers. In Katherine’s active imagination, the famous Royal Jewels have gotten lost on their way to the coronation of Princess Popcorn. Worst of all, the evil Vexar has kidnapped Captain Signet, the Royal Ring! Katie Cadet and her fellow StarFlyers—AJ the Super Spinner, Klanker, and Io— must explore space, find the missing Royal Jewels, and bring them back to Home Base for the princess’s coronation. Can you help the StarFlyers explore the exciting worlds of Aqua Cube, Hot Chocolopagus, and the Three Moons of Bowlarama in search of the missing Royal Jewels? Don’t delay—if the Royal Jewels are not found, Princess Popcorn’s coronation will be ruined, and Vexar will have the last laugh!
Exploring Space Your job is to help the StarFlyers find the missing Royal Jewels: Pierce, Loba, Bauble, Captain Signet, and the ten Pearlites. Keep an eye out for them as you search the various planets. As you explore, you will meet interesting characters and encounter challenging puzzles. If you solve these puzzles, you may find the Royal Jewels. You may also collect objects to help you on your mission.

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