Teeko – Board Games Ep. 184


Mango Town plays Teeko @ iggamecenter.com

Teeko is a two-player abstract board game invented by John Scarne in 1937.


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  1. This was interesting, thank you.
    I have a few things that I want to comment about: First, about adavanced Teeko. In this variant, in addition to the standard ways of winning the game, you can also win by making a square that is simply bigger, meaning with more distance (or more "fields") between the four corners of your square. A 2×2 square is the standard one (called "small square"), then you have the extended squares – a 3×3 square, meaning a square that extends on 9 fields on the board, a 4×4 square, which is a 16-field square and "the big square", a 5×5 square, which is a 25-field square, where your 4 pieces are occupying the 4 corners of the board. There's also an interesting scoring system where you get a different score for your win depending on what type of winning condition you fulfilled and when you play multiple games (as you just did in this video, because Teeko is a short game) you can use this scoring system to have a match. Whoever reaches a predetermined number of points (say 20) is the winner. You can see this scoring system here (scroll allmost all the way down in this link to see the scoring system):
    I would also like to say that I don't understand why you say that it's a variant of draughts. I don't think that it's a variant of anything. It's just a game on its own, completely seperate. I don't see any similarity to draughts and even if there were some similarities they wouldn't necessarily make it a variant. I don't even think that Salta, which you played yesterday, is a variant, although it's much closer to being a variant than Teeko is.
    Now, if we're talking about games that have similarities with draughts I would like to suggest to you to try out Laska, a brilliant game in my opinion, way more interesting and fun than Teeko, by the world champion chess player Emanuel Lasker. Also, if you happen to not know this game already – Dameo, seems to be very interesting. I personaly prefer Laska, but I think most abstract gamers prefer Dameo.


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