The Ascension to Power – Frostgrave Battle Report – Ulterior Motives


Ulterior Motives adds a huge number of subplots and extra dimensions to your games of Frostgrave! Jan and I check it out as we play the Silent Tower between his Orc Witch and Georg-Oskar the Illusionist!

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  1. Hey Ash! Great video. Would you consider playing some Wreck-Age from Hyacinth Games? It's a Skirmish game like "This is not a Test". It looks cool, but there are very few vids on youtube (mostly short-tutorial batreps from the creators).

  2. Always glad to see Frostgrave, especially when your wizard statue is on the table, making me think of the Unseen University. Also, I will have to check again (but not in the same town as my book to check currently), but I believe the rules state that you lose one fight when shooting if you have already moved that turn. I do not believe it says anything about if you are going to move. The FAQ may say differently though.

  3. This was a lot of fun (eventhough mindcontrol is still such a nasty spell!) Good times, thnx for the hospitality Ash!

  4. Yo Ash your tracker picked up treasure for one action and then shot which he couldn't do as one action needs to be a movement I know you didn't do damage but thought I'd point it out 🙂

  5. Those cards are awesome! Change up all the scenarios we already have. Need to find some adequate objective markers.


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