The Importance of 7nm


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  1. If you enjoy this shorter, more condensed format, send me topic suggestions via Twitter!

  2. Should we choose the CPU by its production type? How much downsizing nm brings us a boost in performance or is just downsizing the electricity consumption? I did not get those answers, and actually, that was the reason why I watched your video until the end. I am on the CPU market right now I am not sure how much should I pay attention to nm…

  3. Noob but love to learn…
    I caught this video trying to learn about pc graphic cards and what "nm" actually means,ect. Anyone care to educate because I'm all 👂's.
    I maybe I'm out of my league because really I'm just trying to fine out the best budget gpu for my 1st ever build.

  4. It's nice hearing someone explaining these designations (22nm, 14nm, 10nm, 7nm, 5nm, etc) don't represent gate sizes anymore. But you could've mentioned that not all 7nm nodes are created equal. Intel's 10nm node is the same size as TSMC and Samsung 7nm node (same transistor gate pitch and interconnect pitch size)…

  5. I don't think many know, understand or appreciate how hard it is to get small. If 25nm is like going 120mph down the freeway (common and easy) then 14nm is like breaking 200mph in the mile (kinda hard but many do it) which then makes sub10nm like setting a world speed record. It took our company 14years of R&D to consistently make acid-free commercial quantities of 10nm silver particles and there's little appreciation as people hear nano and think it's all the same. Folks should remember it's a nano METER (unit of measure) so to say all nano is alike is like saying 1mph is the same as 1000mph

  6. thats same intel 12nm and 7nm AMD intel have low TDP at 12nm and AMD same as intel when its 7nm if intel have 7nm TDP will be lover

  7. You left out the most important issue, which is that the new shrinks are aimed squarely at chip stacking. AMD already sells a 30 watt chip with roughly the power of a PS4, and I can easily imagine that figure doubling in the next year or two. Roughly 14 teraflops are all you need for 4k video gaming with very high frame rates, and the increased efficiency of 7nm chips means they can boost the clocks to get more performance out the same number of transistors. The next two years should tell the tale, but a single 30 watt chip with 14 teraflops, six cpu cores, and the equivalent of Nvidia's tensor cores is what AMD has to aim for if they are to remain competitive with Intel, which is introducing their new 3D active interposer technology that only requires 15 watts.

  8. Why not just make a physically larger processor? I’m sure I don’t understand enough to even ask the question.

  9. So these nanometer measurements/descriptions are not of the transistor themselves just the smallest part of the transistor, so the whole transistor is way larger relatively speaking

  10. Well I always thought the nm was the size of the transistors for the past 17 odd years. Nice to finally learn I have been wrong. 😂

  11. 2020 is for qualcomm, replacing intel and amd processors because of same or better performance,but with mobility and multiple time more battery duration then with intel and amd

  12. @3:03 Yeah, but all Apple seems to do is pushing the limits of their profit margin rather the limits of their technology. 😉

  13. Shouldn't 7nm have no more than 30% greater theoretical performance potential than 10nm for the same chip size and architecture? Not all that impressive…


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