The Mediocre Zone |#89| Ubik (1998) Cryo Syndicate powered by Philip K. Dick lore


You have seen its horrible DRM in action … but now you can see the PC version of this game , will also post how the PS1 version looks

posting 3 missions out of 15 … would post more but the save game feature is context sensitive action, when you get one member of your squad that has to have PSi energy to save(select her and then use her time power to SAVE GAME) … they fixed this awful mechanic by adding autosave in 1.2 patch (that also disabled the CD read speed DRM that added invisible walls)… but then this patched game only (and ONLY) works in WinXP after you disable DirectDraw acceleration … and this version i have completed a long time ago in WinXp …

So yeah i forgot to save , was kinda used to the Auto save feature … and forgot about you have to patch the game to get it

Here is the plot, that was the ONLY strong feature of this game :

By the year 1992, humanity has colonized the Moon and psychic powers are common. The protagonist, Joe Chip, is a debt-ridden technician working for Runciter Associates, a “prudence organization” employing “inertials”—people with the ability to negate the powers of telepaths and “precogs”—to enforce the privacy of clients. The company is run by Glen Runciter, assisted by his deceased wife Ella who is kept in a state of “half-life”, a form of cryonic suspension that allows the deceased limited consciousness and ability to communicate. While consulting with Ella, Runciter discovers that her consciousness is being invaded by another half-lifer, Jory Miller.

When business magnate Stanton Mick hires Runciter Associates to secure his lunar facilities from alleged psychic intrusion, Runciter assembles a team of 11 of his best inertials, including recent hire Pat Conley, a mysterious girl with the unique psychic ability to undo events by changing the past. Runciter and Chip travel with the group to Mick’s Moon base, where they discover that the assignment is a trap, presumably set by the company’s main adversary, Ray Hollis, who leads an organization of psychics. A bomb blast apparently kills Runciter without significantly harming the others. They rush back to Earth to place him into half-life, but they cannot establish contact with him and his body is set to be buried.

From the moment of the explosion, the group begins to experience strange shifts in reality. Many objects they come into contact with are much older than they should be, some being older types of the same object, and they gradually find themselves moving into the past, eventually anchoring in 1939. At the same time, they find themselves surrounded by “manifestations” of Runciter, for example as his face appears on their money. Furthermore, members of the group one by one begin to feel tired and cold, then quickly wither away and die. Chip attempts to make sense of what is happening, and discovers two contradictory messages from Runciter, one stating that he is alive and they are dead, and another claiming to have been recorded by him while he was still alive; the latter message advertises Ubik, a product which can be used to temporarily reverse deterioration. He deduces that they may have all died in the blast, now linked together in half-life, and unsuccessfully tries to get hold of Ubik.

After receiving another message, Chip accuses Conley of working for Hollis and causing the deterioration with her ability, and while he himself is withering away, she confirms this. As she leaves him to die, he is saved by Runciter, who sprays him with Ubik and tells him that the group is indeed in half-life and he himself is alive and trying to help them, though he does not know where Ubik comes from. As Runciter disappears, Jory Miller reveals himself to Chip, telling him that he, not Conley, has killed off now the entire group, as he “consumes” half-lifers to sustain himself, and that the entire reality they are experiencing is created and maintained by him, except the reversal to 1939. However, Chip is temporarily protected from being consumed through the effect of Ubik, and leaves Jory. As he at last begins to deteriorate again, he meets Ella, who saves him by granting him a life-long supply of Ubik, and instructs him to stay half-alive to assist Runciter after she herself reincarnates. Ubik is claimed to have been developed by her and several other half-lifers as a defence against Jory.

This game ends with , you become a VR Sheriff in the world of Cryogenic frozen Half-life humans . Jumping from one VR world to the other, helping frozen Celebs enforcing the privacy of frozen humans… aka it has no real end


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  1. Damn!!! I lookin for so long and now,at least 45min. I kill for complete walkthrough! Ubik is one of the most extrodinary book ever written!!!And of 3 PKD the best novels ever! And despite flaws,this videogame is very interesting even compared with Blade Runner,year before.

  2. Thank you for showing the game (as well as the port). Hate to say it, but it REALLY didn't seem like my cup of tea, and, if you recorded the whole thing instead of quick look, I REALLY wouldn't have the patience to watch it all the way through. Regardless, you have, once again, my sincere thanks.

  3. if you wondering who is this person in that cry tube at the beginning .. its Ella Runciter , she later helps you in the Vr worlds


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