THE POWER OF FIZZ, A Gameplay Guide! – Iron to Diamond | League of Legends


Over 2 Million RP & Alienware PC’s event here: (Couldn’t film the explanation). Today we’re playing Fizz and we show off the power of the champion! Like, Comment & subscribe! League of Legends Fizz Mid Gameplay.

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THE POWER OF FIZZ, A Gameplay Guide! – Iron to Diamond | League of Legends


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  1. I had the same kind of match today playing against a yasuo. He kept play super aggressive, but I just chilled, he would push the lane and then I'd have my jungler gank and I would go in as fizz. Everytime he would go to lane he would push in and I'd have my jungler gank. He reported us for "camping mid" but he just kept giving us kills and not freezing the lane. He was super salty and wanted to 1v1 me and I told him he was toxic and needed to stop playing league😁

  2. I really enjoyed this video. I'm new to LoL after a few years and I need all the help I can get. Thanks for this!

  3. At first I was like oh his resolution zoom is the same as mine until then, he zoomed out more.

    Forever against AIs only

  4. I played Dota2 and i heard that they gonna release the mobile verion of lol.. So i watch this video.. Lmao dont understand anything about the gameplay but fizz gonna be the most annoying hero in my opinion gonna main fizz when it release lol wild rift

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  6. You are good at what you are doing, which almost always means at some point there will be either someone trying to take a piece of your well-earnt cake off you, or express their envy in a negative way.

    Despite how it appears to have stressed you out, you came up with creative solutions around every stone put into your path.

    Integrity inspires loyalty, keep it up.

    GG WP

  7. Last time I was here you said you are training in the gym, what happen? I mean you still the same to me.

  8. ily i honestly do i hope you get everything checked out and hope you get better tbh, it pains me to see you stressed and hurt like this. you are a good person and a great streamer with a lot of tips and informative content. please don't worry about the dislikes and blackmailers can get a life!! you need to focus on your health and your over all well being. and there are always going to be more people that care about you and root for you. hugs

  9. I'm terribly sorry to hear about the blackmailing, I hope it didn't wear you out too much and the thing about throwing up blood is quite a shocker since I haven't seen your most recent videos (I'm catching up now), I hope you are doing okay now. Please, if at any time you feel stressed about life, I personally wouldn't mind if you took some time off youtube and I believe the rest of your fans agree. Your health is the most important after all! I wish you the best Huzzy, you and your content is delightful! I will try to throw likes and comments on your videos as much as I can ^^

  10. That was a gameplay guide… ow I didn't even read the title. I saw this the other day and now when I read the title I was like let's watch a new video… nope I already watched it 🙂

  11. played and beat a jhin with 5 ie and swifties the other day. Literally no idea, I feel like it's borderline trolling.

  12. I don't think I've ever not watched a video I wanted to watch because I looked at the like/dislike numbers. I don't even pay attention to that. I've only started clicking like because you mentioned that it helps.

  13. Sneaky fish, hide and seek game haha. Back when we were kids, we used to play games outside. There is a game that's called "salty fish". It's mainly a game of that there is a salty fish who counts to ten then turns and says the blablabla thing and then turns back to see who moves. When someone would reach to the wall the salty fish is at, he or she has to run from getting caught. If the salty fish failed to notice anyone moving, he or she has to run as the salty fish from everyone. Never thought to see that in League. You playing Fizz is epic. You know Huzzy is big and important enough when he gets attacked by bitter jealous people who will do anything for attention. It is unfortunate that you have to go through this, but remember that we support you. The best thing to do is not to give them what they want. Why to go into a battle you know that none will win? Only time, energy and mood will certainly be lost instantly. Embrace it, rather than heading into battle against it. You know they won't stop even if you prove them again and again that they are wrong. Be the Luke skywalker, not the Anakin. And for those who haven't seen the Jayce episode, you really should. But don't eat while watching. I know i'm saying things that are incredibly obvious and already agreed on, but it's very easy for people to forget the basic things that are so important. May i suggest you to celebrate you reaching to 150k Subcribers? Doesn't matter how really.

  14. Man stay strong, there is always people or moments to take us down but you're still doing your content good as always. And i hope you got your health issue solved. I have many problems in my life but you're videos are always good and fun to watch and make people forget the bad. Keep with the good work and get well.

  15. 27:26 after you spend 15 min in a bush in botlane you just walk straight into a bush where you know there are enemies, "wtf why are the in random bushes" oh the irony

  16. Whenever you’re life stops being great and you mention it it makes me wish I could just warp over to you and give you a hug.


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