The Trash Pack Flip n Filth Game from Pressman Toy


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In The Trash Pack Flip ‘n’ Filth Game, players must land their Trashies into the trash can for the highest score. The game comes with four exclusive Trashies, 12 garbage can lids, four catapults, a label sheet, a garbage can, and rules. The game is for 2–4 players.

Each player gets three trash can lids of the same color, a launcher that matches the trash can lids, and a Trashie. At the same time, players start catapulting their trash cans and their Trashie. As long as they land in the trash can or on the game board, they stay there. Anything that lands off the game board can be re-launched until it lands in the can or on the board. When all of the trash can lids and Trashies are in the can or on the board, the round is over. Players add up their scores, depending on where their game pieces landed. The outer ring of the game board is worth five points. The middle ring is worth 10 points. The trash can is worth 20 points. If you land on the board but outside the scoring circles, you score zero. You can also double the amount of points for wherever your Trashie lands. The first player to reach or pass 200 points wins the game.


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