Top IOS Games #6


On This channel I review all types of apps, for Android and IOS, apps you probably have not heard of, new apps, and apps that are great, but not popular, but will become popular. I was doing top apps, but most of the top apps are basically popular apps being reviewed over and over again, I want to review apps that have not been reviewed that you may not know about. I will also review apps in categories sometimes, for example, apps for college students, best note-taking apps, calculator apps, radio, and etc. I also like free software and websites for entertainment, but I will talk about those in my Free Software and Websites for Anything Blog. Below is the link for that.

Quizzitive –
Gudus –
Zombie High Dive –
Primitive Puzzles in Time –
Who Stole Me? –
Cargo King –
Epic Skater –
Run Forrest Run –
Tough Racing 2 –
Crazy Taxi –

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