UE4 – Third person boss combat test(Dark souls)


Update :

Hey guys, unfortunately, this just a practice with Unreal Engine 4 and I’m not a developer from DarkSouls. Anyway, the good news is you can buy our animation package if you like the work, just find the link below and enjoy the combat. Cheers!


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  1. An I the only one that noticed he used this: https://youtu.be/pk_-5abYP1E
    And changed a few things? He didn’t make this from the ground up

  2. Gundyr, The Second Champion.
    It would be a really great idea.
    Gundyr with a greatsword, atleast he wont get parried lmao.

  3. Hi man can u tell me plz how did u make the boss im starting now and if u helped me with that i would apreciate very mutch

  4. Hi, are you still working on this? I would definitely would be interested in using your code as a base for another game potentially. (If this is open source)

    Great job! 10/10

  5. hello guy . thanks for you work . i love your lighting. can you tell me what lighting did you do for this please . i want to create this lighting .

  6. you saying you are not a developer , well you are wrong my developer friend because this is a work of art accurate enough and you shouldn't saying that that you are just a common learner 🙂 you are too good

  7. Hi, so this is the Great Sword anim pack right? it's listed as New on the market place but this video was uploaded 2 years ago? It looks really awesome anyway! I'll definitely be buying this to use with the Dynamic Combat System. Out of interest though, what was the process for getting your animations to work on that large model like? Did you need to retarget them? or is that actually using the epic skeleton?

  8. 1:16 When I make a purchase and the cashier says I don't have enough money and I have to leave with nothing

  9. omg this just gave me an idea
    basically just a dark souls game
    but where the problem is that normal game pice's have been stolen
    so basically you start the game
    and you don't have eny texture
    character's are all bad models
    the animations are laggy ecc

    and every boss you beat give's back one of this pice's

    or mabye the opposite
    where you are the bad guy
    and by killing bosses you take off a piece every time
    so battle get's more harder because things are missing
    and at the end of the game everything is just a mess


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