UNFORGIVING – A NORTHERN HYMN – SCARY Swedish Folklore Horror Game


Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn:
“Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn” is a Swedish folklore horror game and it’s REALLY good.

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  1. John "they can hear me" The game "they can hear you" The lore books "they can hear you" John: walks causally in-front of the monsters

  2. Oh man, sometimes I want to yell to you that you missed items. Even ones you put the eye on. Phew. Ok, I'll let it go.

  3. Was that a fossegrim? Like when the MC got bitten and encountered a dude sitting on the water? Theyre my favourite scandinavian mythical creature!

  4. 1:24:15
    How dare you tell a fellow warrior like herself to shower, it's quarantine and our political movement is making a statement about something or other by not showering.

    It isn't gaming and laziness! These are turbulent times and she is highlighting the cruelty of taking shower water from the innocent fish who need that shit.

    How could you even insinuate that her brave/fierce/yasqueen statement through inaction is anything but the strongest thing a person could do despite men everywhere always telling always her to shower, or put on clothes, or to stop urinating on the playground slide while children are there.

  5. 2:40:35 Two solid minutes of how it feels to navigate my apartment complex surrounded by mask-less neighbors who couldn't care less about social distancing.

  6. In-between person: emerges from crevice and idles in place
    John: "Go somewhere! Go!"
    Tween: immediately starts walking towards John's hiding spot
    John: "no not like that"

  7. There's something so funny about the character face-planting into a rotting carcass & John immediately doing the edgelord 'real life doesn't give you trigger warnings' bit. Classic comedy.

  8. 32:31 that's the sound of an SSTV image, SSTV is a method of sending images trough radio, there are several youtube videos getting images of Russians space radio stations, you can download software for decoding the image.

  9. I'm big on European mythology and I love how characterized all of the monsters in the game are.
    The only thing I didn't like of the introduction was how flatly the protagonist's addiction is mentioned. A more subtle line like "I found the syringe in your trash bag, you promised you wouldn't do that anymore" or "You were passed out on the bed, I knew you had overdosed again" would have conveyed it more naturally for me.

  10. "the green thing" did it's jo 😛 the soul of someone who drowned, forever doomed to haunt the marshes of it's death, trying to trick others to follow it's fate…


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